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Postprint of: Shacklock, K, Brunetto, Y & Nelson, S 2009, 'The different variables that affect older males' and females' intentions to continue working', Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 79-101.

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This paper examined the impact of certain work-related variables on older workers' intentions to continue paid work and whether the impact of these work-related variables varies between men and women. Data were collected through a questionnaire survey of a sample of 379 employees, aged 50 years and older, working in a large public sector organisation in Australia. Results identified the work-related variables that influence older workers' intentions to continue paid work as importance of work, flexibility and interests outside of work, irrespective of gender. Results also indicated that a greater understanding can result if differences between males' and females' intentions are examined. The findings suggest a significant level of differentiation, based on gender, in relation to autonomy, work environment and interests outside work. Management will need to consider these important work-related variables in addressing attrition and turnover challenges and formulating human resource forecasts and specific strategies for increasing the retention of older workers.

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