Solutions to contested land uses and our emerging landscape

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Book chapter

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Penniceard, C & Vitartas, P 2012, 'Solutions to contested land uses and our emerging landscape', in S Kinnear, K Charters & P Vitartas (eds), Regional advantage and innovation: achieving Australia's national outcomes, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg. ISBN: 9783790827989


Regional areas are key building blocks of society in many countries. This compilation uses Australian case study examples to demonstrate how regional areas are uniquely well-placed to contribute to national goals in innovation, infrastructure provision, water and food security, environmental sustainability, industry diversification, healthy and liveable communities, and natural disaster preparedness and response. Each of these themes is examined in the context of using innovative approaches from regions to deliver outcomes that are nationally significant. Authorship is drawn from a balance of leading practitioners and academics to provide stories that are both engaging and rigorous. The case studies are contextualised by an analysis of regional advantage literature, discussion on the regional policy implications and lessons, and commentary around the key trends and drivers for innovation and regional advantage in Australia. The book provides a convincing argument that focusing on regional innovation and development offers significant benefits to a nation as a whole.