Generation of Bangla text from universal networking language expression

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Conference publication

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Ali, MNY, Allayear, SM, Ali, MA & Sorwar, G 2012, 'Generation of Bangla text from universal networking language expression', in 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Information Processing & Computing Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14-15 November, Springer, pp. 78-83.


This paper presents a work on generating Bangla sentences from an interlingua representation called Universal Networking Language (UNL). UNL represents knowledge in the form of semantic network like hyper-graphs which contains disambiguated words, binary semantic relations, and speech act like attributes associated with the words, assisted by the semantically rich lexicon and a set of analysis and generation rules. We have developed a set of generation rules for converting UNL expression to Bangla sentences. Our experiment shows that these rules successfully generate correct Bangla sentences from UNL expressions.