Managerial values across cultures: Australia, Hong Kong and the United States

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Westwood, RI & Posner, BZ 1997, 'Managerial values across cultures: Australia, Hong Kong and the United States', Asia Pacific Journal of Management, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 31-66.

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The relationship between personal managerial values and a range of important organisational variables has increasingly been recognised. Personal values are shaped by the wider cultural milieu in which the individual is socialised. Managers from different cultural contexts may therefore be expected to possess different work and business-related values. However, exposure to a more universalistic managerial ethos may also generate a degree of similarity in managerial values across cultural contexts. In order to examine these issues, the values and expectations of managers in Hong Kong (N = 653), Australia (N = 505) and the United States (N = 1,060) were compared. Both differences and similarities were revealed, leading to speculations about the relative impact of culture versus roles on managerial values.

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