Smart-TV based integrated e-health monitoring system with agent technology

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Conference publication

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Sorwar, G & Hasan, R 2012, 'Smart-TV based integrated e-health monitoring system with agent technology', in L Barolli, T Enokido, F Xhafa & M Takizawa (eds), 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, Fukuoka, Japan, 26-29 March, IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services, Fukuoka, Japan, pp. 406-411. ISBN: 9780769546520

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An ageing population is now the leading concern for
higher healthcare costs due to more cases of chronic illnesses.
Telemedicine systems based on modern Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) are expected to play a
pivotal role in alleviating the pressure on health care services.
Environmental factors have also profound impact on health
condition of the patients. As a consequence monitoring of
human health along with the environmental (where the patient
is located) health enables the health care providers to
comprehend more accurately about a patient’s situation. In
this paper we describe a novel integrated tele-monitoring
framework (theoretical architecture) proposed to support both
of the above functions simultaneously though a single
framework. The proposed system also innovatively harnesses
the power of emerging Smart-TV technology as a means of
interaction between patient and the health care providers. To
the best of our knowledge, this is the first of its kind.