Untangling the value of information scope: an investigation in retail pharmacies

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Harrison, JL 2009, 'Untangling the value of information scope: an investigation in retail pharmacies', Journal of Management & Organization, vol. 15, no. 4, pp 470-485.

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This research investigates whether the importance of information scope for decision making mediates the relations between dimensions of strategic orientation, perceived environmental uncertainty (PEU) and organisational effectiveness in the retail pharmacy industry.

Data from a survey of NSW pharmacies was analysed using structural equation modelling. Although two dimensions of strategic orientation - product-market development and market scope - were positively associated with information scope, the direct organisational benefits and mediating role of broad scope information were disconfirmed and no link between information scope and PEU was found.

The results suggest the need for rethinking theoretical models of information scope. Implications for retail pharmacies and organisations interested in the effectiveness of those businesses are discussed.

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