The 'state of play' in engineering asset management: towards a conceptual frame

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Reid, SRM, & Xerri, MJ 2013, 'The 'state of play' in engineering asset management: towards a conceptual frame', International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 72-83.

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Engineering asset management (EAM) is an emergent field where research has followed various lines of interest. To better understand these lines of interest, a conceptual framework is developed to depict the scope of the EAM research arena, provide an overview of the current 'state of play' in EAM research and assist in identifying areas where further research could be directed. The relative lack of attention to human factors in EAM is identified as one such area. Organisational management literature is replete with studies examining human factors within organisations. The role of human factors in EAM is briefly explored through reference to the organisational management literature, providing some possible directions for future EAM research. Organisational culture is particularly identified as an area where further research may be of benefit to the body of research in EAM.

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