Enhancing service quality and firm competitiveness within the tourism sector

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Conference publication

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Fuller, D, Hanlan, J & Wilde, SJ 2006, ‘Enhancing service quality and firm competitiveness within the tourism sector’,in P Tremblay & A Boyle (eds), Proceedings of To the city and beyond: Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) Conference, Melbourne, Vic., 6-9 February, Victoria University, Melbourne, Vic.


High standards of service delivery within tourism organisations have become increasingly important for those choosing a destination to visit. A strategic management approach is required if tourism firms are to maintain the necessary levels of service in order to build firm competitiveness at particular destinations. In such an approach, the firm needs also to be able to evaluate ‘latent’ demands that have yet to be fully articulated by the consumer through established expenditure patterns. By tapping into such latent demands within the consumer psyche, tourism based firms are able to ‘delight’ customers with their creativity and innovation.