Joined-up governance in Australia: how the past can inform the future

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Keast, RL 2011, 'Joined-up governance in Australia : how the past can inform the future', International Journal of Public Administration, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 221-231.

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Joined-up enterprises have become a cornerstone of the institutional architecture to facilitate closer linkages within and between departments and across sectors. Some of these initiatives are now mainstream enterprises, while others struggled to gain purchase or effect. Since the future is likely to be characterized by an ongoing emphasis on joined-up initiatives, an assessment of past efforts can provide a valuable backdrop for the development of new approaches and the fine tuning of existing ones.

Drawing on ten years of research data, this article tracks the ebbs and flows of joined-up or integrated practice in Queensland. In doing so, it examines the drivers for integration, preferred models, and the language used to engender change. It also assesses what has worked and why and whether integrated reform has been sustained. Based on these insights, an extended integration framework is presented, which will assist those responsible for the design, monitoring, and evaluation of joined-up processes.

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