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Brown, KA, Keast, RL, Charles, MB, Ryan, NF & Cairncross, G 2010, 'Public-private partnerships in the promotion of sport and well-being : a governance model', 14th Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPMXIV), University of Berne, Bern, Switzerland, 7-9 April, IRSPM.


This research focuses on exploring the links between sport, Indigenous self determination and deeper engagement within mainstream Australia especially with regard to the issue of promoting healthy lifestyles and the role of governance, through sport governance. Against all social, economic and health criteria Indigenous Australians are disadvantaged – despite government attention and financial input. It is well understood that education is a basis to better health, employment and lifestyle (Furneaux and Brown, 2008). However, many of the issues confronting Indigenous people have not responded to conventional government approaches based on program development and policy initiatives from single organisations (Ryan et al 2006). As a consequence, new approaches that both tap into the specific interests of Indigenous people and better engage them in the process of governance are required. The case material of the research focuses on the Australian Football League (AFL) Kickstart program.

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