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Beach, S, Brown, KA & Keast, RL 2009, 'Staking a claim : the role of stakeholders in government', 13th International Research Society for Public Management Conference (IRSPM XIII), Copenhagen Business School, Fredericksberg, Denmark, 6-8 April, IRSPM.


The stakeholder approach which emerged under the auspices of new public management has been in use in public agencies for the past 25 years. However it remains a difficult and demanding task for agencies to determine who their stakeholders are and how to optimise interactions with them. This paper will examine how government agencies identify, classify and engage with stakeholders who have competing demands, differing access to resources and the ability to exert political pressure. To do this, the stakeholder approaches of nine agencies at three levels of government in Queensland were studied. The contribution of this paper is the development of a Stakeholder Classification Model for Public Agencies which could be used to create more focused and relevant stakeholder interventions.

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