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Senyard, JM, Pickernell, D, Clifton, N, Kay, A & Kease, RL 2008, 'Extending the knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship for analysis of the Australian biotechnology sector', in L Iadnoli (ed.), Proceedings of Technology-Driven Entrepreneurship : How Technology Shapes the Way Entrepreneurs Start and Run Their Business, Cardiff, UK, European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB).


Current research suggests that the process of knowledge creation is both networked and iterative. Synthesising the literature highlights a range of factors for analysis in knowledge-based industries. These factors are then used to examine the biotechnology sector in Queensland Australia, utilising available secondary literature, interviews with a range of broad stakeholders and 3 case–study companies. The results highlight issues regarding government policies for biotechnology, due to potential weaknesses in the network of relationships and governance between the key stakeholders (particularly within universities), the absence in some cases of relevant education (training and learning) for academics, and issues of entrepreneurial orientation and knowledge management in the use of created knowledge.

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