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Xu, J 2008, 'Exploring the future of the MBA', Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Globalization and Technology Innovation, Nanjing, China, 6-8 August, ICEPT.


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been around more than a century. Since the establishment of the first MBA school at Dartmouth College in the U.S., universities across the globe are offering MBA programs (Wikipedia 2008). But is the MBA still a relevant degree in the 21st century? This paper explores the future of the MBA program by looking at the following perspectives: (1) decision-making levels and the MBA program; (2) emerging business challenges and the MBA program; (3) community & societal issues and the MBA program; (4) business interaction approaches and the MBA program; (5) policies and the MBA program; (6) economic development, globalization, and the MBA program; (7) the internet development and the MBA program; (8) corporate universities and the MBA program; (9) rigor and relevance in the MBA program; (10) the independence of the MBA program. In the following sections, the above mentioned ten issues will be discussed one by one in detail before the paper ends with conclusions.

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