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Cameron, R, Shriberg, A, Vinnicombe, S, Thomas, M & Miller, P 2010, 'Comparing current and future global leaders based upon known leadership dimensions and cultural indicators that may be predictive of future success', Proceedings of the British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 14-16 September, BAM.


This paper presents the preliminary findings from a cross sectional, trend design study over three years (2007-2009). The sample (n=187) includes cohorts of international Master of Business Administration (MBA) students enrolled each year in a ‘leadership’ subject. The study aims to measure human dimensions known to be significant to leadership effectiveness including behaviour, personality, cultural and emotional dimensions. The research raises questions in reference to the future challenges for leadership development by comparing data from this cohort of students studying leadership with current global leaders. This paper reports the initial data for several self diagnostic instruments including: the MBTI; measures for emotional intelligence and; personality style. The results of these assessments are to be compared with similar assessments on known effective global leaders. The ultimate aim of the research is to discover similarities and discrepancies between the two groups in order to gain a deeper comprehension of the behavioural and cultural backgrounds and experiences that future leaders will need to lead successfully. The study will provide useful information to those responsible for developing future leaders.

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