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Ponirin, Scott, D & von der Heidt, T 2010, 'E-loyalty: its antecedents implications and differences between developed and developing countries', Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science Cultural Perspectives in Marketing (CPM) Conference (IESEG), Lille, France, 21-24 July, IESEG.


This paper outlines the reasons for and the proposed method to be used in an examination of the antecedents affecting eloyalty, since loyalty has been identified as being a critical aspect in online retailing (J. Kim, Jin, & Swinder, 2009; Park & Kim, 2003). The relationships between e-Service Quality, e-Service Value, e-Security, e-Satisfaction, e-Trust, and e- Commitment will also be examined in the overall model of e-Loyalty that is developed in this paper. Customers in Indonesia and Australia as representatives of developing and developed economies will be used as the subjects for the model examination and will be surveyed using an online survey. Analysis of their responses will utilize structural equation modelling to test the model of the inter-relationships and multi-group analyses will be used to examine the differences between the respondents in the two countries that are culturally different. The results will be used to further develop e-loyalty theory. Businesses will also be helped to gain a better understanding of their customers and to identify methods of providing better service so as to maintain their loyalty.

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