Network performance: a complex interplay of form and action

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Keast, RL & Mandell, MP 2013, 'Network performance: a complex interplay of form and action', International Review of Public Administration, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 27-45.

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Networks form a key part of the institutional infrastructure of contemporary society and are likely to continue in this role for some time. Drawing on a set of cross-jurisdictional network case studies (Australia and the United States), this paper examines the influence of the type of network formed and the impact of network actors on the operational dynamics and performance of the network. The paper argues that the interplay of these factors will determine the degree to which a network will or will not be successful. The findings extend current network typologies by specifying a network identification level and highlight the intermediary role of agency in network performance. The paper concludes with the view that there is a continued need for holistic research approaches that uncover the often hidden interconnections between components and highlight the emergent phenomena that can arise from these intersections.

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