Current status, challenges, and outlook of e-health record systems in China

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Conference publication

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Xu, J, Gao, X, Sorwar, G & Croll, P 2013, 'Current status, challenges and outlook of e-health record systems in China', in F Sun, T Li & H Li (eds), Foundations and applications of intelligent systems: proceedings of the seventh international conference on intelligent systems and knowledge engineering, Beijing, China, 15-17 December, Springer, Heidelberg, pp. 767-777. ISBN: 9783642378287

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China (the mainland) is a developing country with a large population over a vast area, where healthcare services are not balanced. The Chinese government faces a mammoth task to provide health and medical services to the population. About eight years ago, the government defined its direction to electronic health (e-health). Since then, hundreds of e-health record systems have been developed, but the systems are still in their infancy. For the establishment of matured e-health record systems, this paper examines current status of China’s development of e-health record systems, identifies the challenges encountered by the development and analyses the outlook of future systems in China.