Building the education revolution: another case of Australian Government failure?

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Lewis, C, Dollery, B & Kortt, MA 2014, 'Building the education revolution: another case of Australian Government failure?', International Journal of Public Administration, vol. 37, no. 5, pp. 299-307.

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Since the 2007 federal election, the Australian government has implemented a plethora of new programs, many with dual economic and social objectives. A significant number of these initiatives have not only proved unsuccessful, but have also been criticized for their implementation and subsequent administration. This paper examines the Building Education Revolution Program, which commenced in 2009 with the objective of stimulating employment growth and improving school infrastructure, through the analytical prism of the government failure paradigm as well as the literature on “hollowing out” and decentralization. It is argued that the BER Program represents a “case study” of how governments should not pursue large-scale public expenditure programs.

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