Climate change adaption and disaster risk reduction strategies in Bangladesh

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Dhakal, SP & Mahmood, MN 2013, 'Climate change adaption and disaster risk reduction strategies in Bangladesh: the tale of two coastal districts', Proceedings of the People and the planet: transforming the future conference, Melbourne, Vic., 2-4 July, Global cities, Melbourne, Vic.

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International aid agencies have increasingly focused on Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters as an integral component of climate change adaptation strategies in Bangladesh. The country currently has about 2,500 shelters and it is estimated that more than 5,000 additional shelters are needed in order to adapt to the increased frequency and intensity of cyclones associated with the changing climate. Although such physical initiatives are highly commendable, little attention has been paid to the non-structural approaches for making adaptation more resilient. This paper responds to this gap and investigates the state of shelters in two of the coastal districts in the country. The findings suggest that the vulnerable people in urban areas are at risk of falling victim to climate change maladaptation. The paper ends by making a case for greater community involvement to enhance social capital and secure financial options as a way forward.