How to embed creativity in a first-year undergraduate marketing curriculum

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Conference publication

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von der Heidt, T 2013, 'How to embed creativity in a first-year undergraduate marketing curriculum' ANZMAC 2013 Conference Proceedings, Auckland, NZ, 2-4 December, ANZMAC.

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Marketing is perceived as an innately creative discipline, one which offers creative solutions to consumer problems. Yet little attention has been given by researchers into how students acquire knowledge of creativity and how it assessed in introductory marketing units.

This paper explains how a new CPS-based curriculum was introduced in the core marketing subject in the Bachelor of Business of an Australian university.

The particular focus is on the implementation of a major CPS-oriented marketing plan assessment. An evaluation of this initiative is provided in terms of student ratings and feedback over two years. This paper shows a way to ‘future-proof’ marketing curriculum by embedding CPS and innovativeness. It is of interest to reflective practice-oriented marketing educators