Papers from 2012


Sectoral j-curve effects, Albert Wijeweera and Brian E. Dollery

2012 ACE2012: 41st Australian Conference of Economists.


Using the feder-ram and military keynesian models to examine the link between defense spending and economic growth in Sri Lanka, Albert Wijeweera and Matthew J. Webb

2012 Defence and Peace Economics 23:3 303-311.

Technologist versus technologee communication challenges between developers and users, Barry Wilks

2012 Current trends in technology and society 1 46-58.


Self-definition for software development, Barry Wilks and Paul Bailes

2012 Proceedings of Software Engineering Workshop (SEW), 2012 35th Annual IEEE 52-61.

Is transformational change possible through education for sustainability?, Erica Wilson and Tania von der Heidt

2012 Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI) Congress, 'Transformational leadership for tourism education' 66-82.

Are we moving towards education for sustainability? a study of sustainability embeddedness in a first-year undergraduate business/tourism curriculum: extended abstract, Erica Wilson, Tania von der Heidt, Geoff Lamberton, and Dayle Morrison

2012 Mobilities and sustainable tourism: BEST-EN Sustainable Tourism Think Tank XII.


Australian franchising research: review, synthesis and future research directions, Owen Wright and Andrew McAuley

2012 Australasian Marketing Journal 20:2 158-163.

Perceived organisational support, employee commitment, OCB and innovative behaviour: a partial least squares analysis, Matthew Xerri and Yvonne Brunetto

2012 Academy of Management Annual meeting.


Workplace relationships and the innovative behaviour of nursing employees: a social exchange perspective, Matthew J. Xerri

2012 Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources 51:1 103-123.


Social exchange and innovative behaviour of nursing employees: a hierarchical linear examination, Matthew J. Xerri and Yvonne Brunetto

2012 International Research Society for Public Management Conference: Contradictions in Public Management. Managing in volatile times.

Doctoral research in information technology and systems, Jun Xu

2012 Transnational doctoral education and research: an Asian focus 145-156.

The impact of transportation costs on bilateral trade flows in the Asia Nine, Junqian Xu and Craig C. Julian

2012 Asia Pacific Journal of Economics & Business 16:1/2 33-50.


Examining a model of knowledge management systems adoption and diffusion: a partial least square approach, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus

2012 Knowledge-Based Systems 27 18-28.


Government audit materiality (part one): how and why is it different from corporate audit materiality – a theoretical matrix on three materiality differences and corresponding contextual reasons, Yining Zhou

2012 International Journal of Economics and Finance 4:1 80-89.


Government audit materiality (part two): conceptual and practical implications of a qualitative materiality framework: seven case studies and a comparative conceptual work, Yining Zhou

2012 International Journal of Economics and Finance 4:2 85-93.


Materiality approach in sustainability reporting: applications, dilemmas, and challenges, Yining Zhou

2012 Proceedings 1st World Sustainablity Forum.


Stakeholder diversity vs. stakeholder general view: a theoretical gap in sustainability materiality conception, Yining Zhou and Geoff Lamberton

2012 Proceedings 1st World Sustainability Forum.

Papers from 2011

What properly validated surveys can tell us about successful implementation of small business information systems, Bruce Armstrong, Gerard J. Fogarty, and Don Dingsdag

2011 Journal of Business and Research.

Academies of Sport Incorporated (ASi) data requirements and collection, David Arthur

2011 Regional Academies of Sport.


Long range relations: stakeholder engagement in Queensland road construction, Sandra Beach, Robyn L. Keast, and David Pickernell

2011 15th Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPMXV).

Innovative approaches of family-based agricultural businesses: a case study of Northern NSW Coffee producers, S Biersteker and Peter Vitartas

2011 2011 Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia Conference.


The impact of supervisor-subordinate relationships on nurses' ability to solve workplace problems: implications for their commitment to the organization, Yvonne Brunetto, Rodney Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

2011 Advances in Health Care Management 10 215-237.

Ensuring the implementation of engineering asset management: understanding organizational culture, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, Fiona Robson, and Kate Shacklock

2011 25th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference.


Supervisor-nurse relationships, teamwork, role ambiguity and wellbeing: public versus private sector nurses, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

2011 Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources 49:2 143-164.

Supervisor-subordinate communication relationships, role ambiguity, autonomy and affective commitment for nurses, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

2011 Contemporary Nurse Journal 39:2 227-239.

The impact of workplace relationships on nurses’ ability to solve workplace problems: implications for their commitment, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

2011 Organization development in healthcare: conversations on research and strategies 10.


Using the Harvard HRM model to conceptualise the impact of changes to supervision upon HRM outcomes for different types of Australian public sector employees, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

2011 International Journal of Human Resource Management 22:3 553-573.

Supervisor relationships, teamwork, role ambiguity and discretionary power: public and private sector nurses in Australia and the England, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, and K Shacklock

2011 Fifteenth Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management: Value, Innovation and Partnership.


Supervisor-nurse relationships, training, empowerment and patient role ambiguity for nurses: Australia and England, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

2011 Proceedings of the 25th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference.


Comparing the impact of leader–member exchange, psychological empowerment and affective commitment upon Australian public and private sector nurses: implications for retention, Yvonne Brunetto, Kate Shacklock, Timothy Bartram, Sandra G. Leggat, R Farr-Wharton, Pauline Stanton, and Gian Casimir

2011 International Journal of Human Resource Management 23:11 2238-2255.

Ensuring the implementation of engineering asset management: understanding organisational culture, Yvonne Brunetto and Matthew J. Xerri

2011 WCEAM 2011. Sixth World Congress on Engineering Asset Management.


Trust perceptions of online travel information by different content creators: some social and legal implications, Stephen Burgess, Carmine Sellitto, Carmen Cox, and Jeremy Buultjens

2011 Information Systems Frontiers 13:2 221-235.


Marketing remote destinations: a case study of the Northern Territory, Australia, Jeremy Buultjens, Simon J. Wilde, and Mark Crummy

2011 Journal of Vacation Marketing 17:4 329-342.


Freirean critical pedagogy’s challenge to interfaith education: what is interfaith? what is education?, Cathy Byrne

2011 British Journal of Religious Education 33:1 47-60.


Matter and mind: a non-theist exploration, Cathy Byrne

2011 Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 45:1 38-42.


Why tolerate racism, discrimination and segregation in schools?, Cathy Byrne

2011 ABC Religion & Ethics.


Confucian dynamism, affective commitment, need for achievement, and service quality: a study on property managers in Hong Kong, Chi Keung Thomas Chan, Yong Ngee Keith Ngee Keith Ng, and Gian Casimir

2011 Services Marketing Quarterly 32:4 318-331.


Immortals and apple bearers: towards a better understanding of achaemenid infantry units, Michael B. Charles

2011 Classical Quarterly 61:1 114-133.


The Sassanian immortals, Michael B. Charles

2011 Iranica Antiqua 46 289-313.


Public values in Western Europe: a temporal perspective, Michael B. Charles, W Martin De Jong, and Neal Ryan

2011 American Review of Public Administration 41:1 75-91.


Transport energy futures: exploring the geopolitical dimension, Michael Bernard Charles, Hong To, Patrick Vincent Gillett, Tania von der Heidt, and Rob Kivits

2011 Futures 43:10 1142-1153.


Transport energy futures: a single or multiple transport energy paradigm?, Michael B. Charles, Hong To, Pat Gillett, Tania von der Heidt, and Rob Kivits

2011 Futures 43:10 1142-1153.


Transport energy futures: exploring the geographical dimension, Michael B. Charles, Hong To, Pat Gillett, Tania von der Heidt, and Robbert Kivits

2011 Futures 43:10 1142-1153.

Full metal jarhead: shifting the horizon of expectations, Michael B. Charles and Keith Townsend

2011 Journal of Popular Culture 44:5 915-933.


Multiskilling of frontline managers in the five star hotel industry in Taiwan, Li-Cheng Chen and Michelle Wallace

2011 Research and Practice in Human Resource Management 19:1 25-37.


A three-phase approach to construction borrowing decisions, Yat-Hung Chiang, Eddie Wai Lun Cheng, and Patrick TI Lam

2011 Architectural Science Review 54:3 225-231.


Revealing bank lending decisions for contractors in Hong Kong, Yat Hung Chiang and Eddie WL Cheng

2011 International Journal of Project Management 29:2 137-145.


Closure to "Employing the net present value-consistent IRR methods for PFI contracts" by YH Chiang, Eddie WL Cheng, and Patrick TI Lam, Yat-Hung Chiang, Eddie WL Cheng, and Patrick TI Lam

2011 Journal of Construction Engineering and Management-ASCE 137:6 474-475.


Building trust in online customers, George M. Coles and William J. Smart

2011 SNDP 2011 : 12th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing 93-98.


Determining the privacy policy deficiencies of health ICT applications through semi-formal modelling, Peter R. Croll

2011 International Journal of Medical Informatics 80:2.

Ensuring telehealth practices comply with privacy laws, Peter R. Croll and Jasmine Croll

2011 Successes and failures in telehealth: 2nd Annual Meeting of the Australasian Telehealth Society.

Dynamic trust model for reliable transactions in multi-agent systems, Anupam Das, Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam, and Golam Sorwar

2011 Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology 1101-1106.

Tackling the Australian local infrastructure backlog: the case for a National Bond Bank, Brian Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and B Grant

2011 A global economy 116-130.


A normative model of local government de-amalgamation in Australia, Brian Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and Bligh Grant

2011 Australian Journal of Political Science 44:4 601-615.


Fitting airport privatisation to purpose: aligning governance, time and management focus, Timothy Donnet, Robyn L. Keast, and Arron Walker

2011 European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research 11:2 98-114.

Developing a checklist for evaluating virtual worlds for use in education, Allan Ellis and Lisa Jacka

2011 Proceedings of Global Learn Asia Pacific 2011 1581-1590.


Service integration in a regional homelessness service system, Trish Evans, Kate Neale, Jeremy Buultjens, and Tony Davies


Creating an index of local software economy maturity: driving innovation and productivity, Malcolm Fraser, Jennifer L. Harrison, and Stephen J. Kelly

2011 Proceedings of ECIE 2011: The 6th European Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation 319-326.


Questioning the epistemic virtue of strategy: the emperor has no clothes!, Steven NJ French, Alexander Kouzmin, and Stephen J. Kelly

2011 Journal of Management and Organization 17:4 434-447.


Examining the boundary conditions of customer citizenship behaviour: a focus on consumption ritual, Christian Gilde, Stefano Pace, Simon J. Pervan, and Carolyn Strong

2011 Journal of Strategic Marketing 19:7 619-631.


A service design framework for doctoral program management, Pat Gillett, Elisabeth Sinnewe, and Jakob Trischler

2011 25th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference 1-20.


Australian local government and community engagement: are all our community plans the same: does it matter?, Bligh Grant, Brian E. Dollery, and Michael A. Kortt

2011 Working paper series: Centre for Local Government, University of New England.


How are Australian higher education institutions contributing to change through innovative teaching and learning in virtual worlds?, Brent Gregory, Sue Gregory, Denise Wood, Yvonne Masters, Mathew Hillier, Frederick Stokes-Thompson, Anton Bogdanovych, Des Butler, Lyn Hay, Jay Jay Jegathesan, Kim Flintoff, Stefan Schutt, Dale Linegar, Robyn Alderton, Andrew Cram, Ieva Stupans, LIndy McKeown Orwin, Grant Meredith, Debbie McCormick, Francesca Collins, Jenny Grenfell, Jason Zagami, Allan Ellis, Lisa Jacka, John Campbell, Ian Larson, Andrew Fluck, Angela Thomas, Helen Farley, Nona Muldoon, Ali Abbas, Suku Sinnappan, Katrina Neville, Ian Burnett, Ashley Aitken, Simeon Simoff, Sheila Scutter, Xiangyu Wang, Kay Souter, David Ellis, Mandy Salomon, Greg Wadley, Michael Jacobson, Anne Newstead, Gary Hayes, Scott Grant, and Alyona Yusupova

2011 28th Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) Conference: Changing demands, changing directions 475-490.


Learner defined curriculum: heutagogy and action learning in vocational training, Stewart Hase

2011 Southern Institute of Technology Journal of Applied Research: special edn. Action research and action learning in vocational education and training.


Brand communities of Facebook: how do they create value?, Mahmud Hassan and Simon J. Pervan

2011 Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference.


Economic development and remote desert settlements, Ann Ingamells, Sarah Holcombe, and Jeremy Buultjens

2011 Community Development Journal 46:4 436-457.

Colonialism and postcolonialism, Gavin Jack and Robert I. Westwood

2011 Key concepts in critical management studies.


Deepening, broadening and re-asserting a postcolonial interrogative space in organization studies, Gavin Jack, Robert I. Westwood, Nidhi Srinivas, and Ziauddin Sardar

2011 Organization 18:3 275-302.

Service quality and communication in emergency department waiting rooms: case studies at four New South Wales hospitals, John M. Jenkins, Eda Calabria, Johan Richard Edelheim, Julie Hodges, Kevin Markwell, Maree Walo, Paul Weeks, and Mieke Witsel


Discriminant analysis of antecedents of performance in international marketing: a study of Australian exporting companies, Craig C. Julian

2011 Journal of International Marketing and Exporting 16:1 1-25.


Product adaptation in international joint ventures: an empirical investigation, Craig C. Julian

2011 International Journal of Trade and Global Markets 4:1 50-65.


The relationship between industry structure, marketing capabilities, strategy and performance: the empirical link in export ventures, Craig C. Julian

2011 Clute Institute International Academic Conference 63-72.

The empirical link between customer service, brand loyalty, store community, personalization, customization and customer retention levels, Craig C. Julian, Zafar U. Ahmed, Che Aniza Binti Che Wel, and Jamil Bojei

2011 Proceedings of 8th Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) World Congress 83-92.


Joined-up governance in Australia: how the past can inform the future, Robyn L. Keast

2011 International Journal of Public Administration 34:4 221-231.


The collaborative push: pushing beyond rhetoric and gaining evidence, Robyn L. Keast and Myrna Mandell

2011 15th Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPMXV).


Big, bigger, best? the impact of reforms on the not-for-profit sector in Queensland, Robyn L. Keast, Myrna Mandell, and Jennifer M. Waterhouse

2011 11th Public Management Research Association Conference.


The place of legislation and regulation and the role of policy: lessons from the CPRS, Serge Killingbeck and Michael B. Charles

2011 Southern Cross University Law Review 93.


Mobile skilled workers: making the most of an untapped rural community resource, Sue Kilpatrick, Susan Johns, Peter Vitartas, and Martin Homisan

2011 Journal of Rural Studies 27:2 181-190.

Optimising the benefits of the highly skilled, but mobile workforce: what can country towns do?, S Kilpatrick, P Vitartas, M Homisan, and S Johns

2011 The sustainability of Australia's country town: renewal, renaissance, resilience.


Survey on medical records and EHR in Asia-Pacific region: languages, purposes, IDs and regulations, Michio Kimura, Peter Croll, B Li, C P. Wong, Shashi Gogia, A Faud, Y S. Kwak, S Chu, A Marcelo, Y H. Chow, Wansa Paoin, and Y CJ Li

2011 Methods of Information in Medicine 50:4 386-391.


Three component stakeholder analysis, Robbert A. Kivits

2011 International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches 5:3 318-333.


When rules and principles are not enough: insiders' views and narratives on the global financial crisis, P Reeves Knyght, Nada Korac Kakabadse, Andrew Kakabadse, and Alexander Kouzmin

2011 Journal of Change Management 11:1 45-67.


Association between Body Mass Index and health-related quality of life among an Australian sample, Michael Kortt and Brian Dollery

2011 Clinical Therapeutics 33:10 1466-1474.


Religion and education: recent evidence from the United States, Michael Kortt, Brian Dollery, and Simon J. Pervan

2011 Applied Economics Letters 19:12 1175-1178.


Risk-adjusted returns of socially responsible mutual funds: how do they stack up?, Bruce A. Kosta, Keith Jacob, and Scott J. Niblock

2011 The Journal of Index Investing 2:3 94-107.


Paradigmatic and ontological tensions in U.S. public administration, Alexander Kouzmin

2011 Public Administration Review 71:5 803-807.


An ethical response to climate change, Geoffrey William Lamberton

2011 Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics 6:2 12-26.


Putting the brakes on: impediments to the development of independent cycle tourism in Australia, Matthew James Lamont and Jeremy Buultjens

2011 Current Issues in Tourism 14:1 57-78.


The motivation and structure of corrupt police networks: theorising the dark side of the ‘thin blue line’, Mark A. Lauchs, Robyn L. Keast, and Vy Kim Le

2011 15th Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPMXV.


Corrupt police networks: uncovering hidden relationship patterns, functions and roles, Mark Lauchs, Robyn L. Keast, and Nina Yousefpour

2011 Policing and Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy 21:1 110-127.

The management process of project risk in South Africa, Yongqing Li, Ian Alexander Eddie, and Jinghui Liu

2011 Corporate Ownership and Control 8:2 271-284.


Share types and earnings management: evidence from Chinese listed companies, Yongqing Li, Jinghui Liu, and Ian Eddie

2011 Corporate Ownership & Control 8:2 271-284.


The mediating role of organizational subcultures in health care organizations, Peter Lok, Jo Rhodes, and Robert I. Westwood

2011 Journal of Health Organization and Management 25:5 506-525.


Reflections on academic writing and publication for doctoral students and supervisors: reconciling authorial voice and performativity, Teresa Marchant, Naomi Anastasi, and Peter Miller

2011 International Journal of Organisational Behaviour 16:1 13-29.

Italian and Australian comparisons of shopping time: travel and household effects, Anna Emilia Martino and Peter Vitartas

2011 33rd International Association for Time Use Research.

Girls get IT, Raina Mason, Graham Cooper, and Tim Comber

2011 ACM Inroads 2:3 71-77.

It’s (no longer) a remote chance for girls in IT, Raina Mason, Graham Cooper, and Tim Comber

2011 Proceedings of the 1st International Australasian Conference On Enabling Access To Higher Education 310-321.


Regional unemployment and regional industrial diversity in New South Wales statistical districts 1996 to 2006, Stephen Mason and Dennis Howard

2011 The way forward, austerity or stimulus?: 13th annual conference of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity 77-87.

The leader in you: developing your leadership potential, Peter Miller and Carol Dalglish



Mixed method research designs: a case study of their adoption in a doctor of business administration program, Peter John Miller and Roslyn Cameron

2011 International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches 5:3 387-402.