Papers from 2019


Voices from the coalface: teaching in a highly diverse postgraduate tourism program, Kay Dimmock, Paul Weeks, and Sally Ashton-Hay

2019 Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education 24 70-79.


Does religion influence educational attainment?, Michael A. Kortt and Joseph Drew

2019 Religion & Education.

Papers from 2018


Towards a spirituality-based platform in tourism higher education, Abu B. Barkathunnisha, Diane Lee, and Erica Wilson

2018 Current Issues in Tourism.


Editorial Special Issue: the impact of organizational change on public sector employee outcomes, Yvonne Brunetto and Stephen TT Teo

2018 Australian Journal of Public Administration 77:2 149-153.


The importance of informal professional networks in developing a proactive organizational culture: a public value perspective, Yvonne Brunetto, Matthew Xerri, Ben Farr-Wharton, and Silvia Nelson

2018 Public Money and Management 38:3 203-212.

Where-ever I park my RV, that's my home: freedom camping and local community tensions in eastern Australia, Rod Caldicott, John Jenkins, and Pascal Scherrer

2018 The Routledge handbook of second home tourism and mobilities.


Curtius 6,5,22-3, Darius III and the Eunuch Bagoas, Michael B. Charles and Eve Anagnostou-Laotuides

2018 Rheinisches Museum fuer Philologie 161:2 166-183.

Aelian VH 3.23: Alexander and Bagoas' House, Michael B. Charles and E Anagnostouo-Laoutides

2018 Athenaeum 106:2 704-710.


Tourism geography and its central role in a globalized world, Deborah Che

2018 Tourism Geographies 20:1 164-165.


Examining service shortfalls: a case study of Chinese group package tours to Australia, Hanyu Chen, Betty Weiler, and Martin Young

2018 Journal of Vacation Marketing 24:4 371-386.


Implementing team-based learning (TBL) in accounting courses, Jacqueline Christensen, Jennifer L. Harrison, Janice Hiollindale, and Kayleen Wood

2018 Accounting Education.


Examining transformative processes in volunteer tourism, Alexandra Coghlan and Betty Weiler

2018 Current Issues in Tourism 21:5 567-582.


Out of the money or striking it rich? Evidence on the risk-adjusted return performance of options-based equity funds versus the S&P 500 and other benchmark alternatives, Bruce A. Costa, Keith Jakob, and Scott J. Niblock

2018 The Journal of Investing 27:1 65-79.


Precipitation, Moya Costello

2018 Plumwood Mountain: an Australian journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics 5:1.

Visitor risk and responsibility in Australia's protected areas: results of a Delphi study, Anna M. Gstaettner, Betty Weiler, Kate Rodger, and Diane Lee

2018 .


Service quality improves students’ evaluation of good teaching, John Haw

2018 Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education.


Application of visual methods to perceptions of tourism development, Peita Hillman, Brent D. Moyle, and Betty Weiler

2018 International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research 12:1 124-129.


Does religious affiliation influence trust?, Michael A. Kortt and Joseph Drew

2018 International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy.


The gender wage gap in the tourism industry : evidence from Australia, Michael A. Kortt, Elisabeth Sinnewe, and Simon J. Pervan

2018 Tourism Analysis 23 137-149.

Sustainability or resilience? Poverty-related philanthropictourism as an agent for deliberate slow change, Gary Lacey, Betty Weiler, and Victoria Peel

2018 Tourism, resilience and sustainability: adapting to social, political and economic change 280-294.


Transforming student expectations through a realtime feedback process and the introduction of concepts of self-efficacy – surprising results of a university-wide experiment, Warren Lake, Wendy Boyd, and William (Bill) E. Boyd

2018 Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice 15:5.


Sports betting motivations among young men : an adaptive theory analysis, Matthew James Lamont and Nerilee Hing

2018 Leisure Sciences.


Enacting masculinities in a contemporary subcultural sporting event: a gendered critique, Matthew Lamont and Maja Milatovic

2018 Leisure Sciences 40:5 387-405.


The UK Stewardship Code and investee earnings quality, Chun Lu, Jacqueline Christensen, Janice Hollindale, and James Routledge

2018 Accounting Research Journal 31:3 388-404.


Advertising CS/IT degrees to female students in Australia, Raina Mason and Dixie Lamers

2018 Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Computing Education Conference 1-8.


Applications of low-cost sensing technologies for air quality monitoring and exposure assessment: How far have they gone?, Lidia Morawska, Phong K. Thai, Xiaoting Liu, Akwasi Asumadu-Sakyi, Godwin Ayoko, Alena Bartonova, Andrea Bedini, Fahe Chai, Bryce Christensen, Matthew Dunbabin, Jian Gao, Gayle SW Hagler, Rohan Jayaratne, Prashant Kumar, Alexis KH Lau, Peter KK Louie, Mandana Mazaheri, Zhi Ning, Nunzio Motta, Ben Mullins, Md Mahmudur Rahman, Zoran Ristovski, Mahnaz Shafiei, Dian Tjondronegoro, Dane Westerdahl, and Ron Williams

2018 Environment international 116 286-299.


Influence of made with renewable energy appeal on consumer behaviour, Suni Mydock III, Simon J. Pervan, Alanoud F. Almubarak, Lester Johnson, and Michael A. Kortt

2018 Marketing Intelligence & Planning 36:1 32-48.


Evolutionary computation algorithms for feature selection of EEG-based emotion recognition using mobile sensors, Bahareh Nakisa, Mohammad Naim Rastgoo, Dian Tjondronegoro, and Vinod Chandran

2018 Expert Systems with Applications 93 143-155.


Do corporate directors 'heap' dividends? Evidence on dividend rounding and information uncertainty in Australian firms, Yoonsoo Nam, Scott J. Niblock, Elisabeth Sinnewe, and Keith Jakob

2018 Australian Journal of Management 43:3 421-438.


Are covered calls the right option for Australian investors?, Scott J. Niblock and Elisabeth Sinnewe

2018 Studies in Economics and Finance 35:2 222-243.


The research collaboration paradox: a tale of two governance narratives in an Australian innovation setting, David Noble, Michael B. Charles, and Robyn Keast

2018 Australian Journal of Public Administration.


How to manage a Doctor of Business Administration: now the hard sell is over, Simon J. Pervan and Michael A. Kortt

2018 Postgraduate education in higher education 451-470.


Predictors of corporate survival in the US and Australia : an exploratory case study, Nigel Purves and Scott J. Niblock

2018 Journal of Strategy and Management 11:3 351-370.


A critical review of proactive detection of driver stress levels based on multimodal measurements, Mohammad N. Rastgoo, Bahareh Nakisa, Andry Rakotonirainy, Vinod Chandran, and Dian Tjondronegoro

2018 ACM Computing Surveys 51:5.

Life-changing walks of mid-life adults, Robert Saunders, Betty Weiler, and Jennifer Laing

2018 The Routledge international handbook of walking 264-273.


Best practice principles for communicating safety messages in national parks, Rob Saunders, Betty Weiler, Pascal Scherrer, and Heather Zeppel

2018 Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.


Book review of: Indigenous tourism: cases from Australia & New Zealand, Pascal Scherrer

2018 Journal of Tourism Futures 4:3 285-286.


Power to the hosts: how to fix volunteer tourism, Pascal Scherrer and Jessica Steele

2018 The Conversation.


'I think it adds value, but I don’t use it’: use, perceptions and attitudes of outdoor exercise equipment in an urban public park, Ruth Sibson, Pascal Scherrer, and Maria M. Ryan

2018 Annals of Leisure Research 21:1 58-75.


Language choice in introductory programming courses at Australasian and UK universities, Simon, Raina Mason, Tom Crick, James H. Davenport, and Ellen Murphy

2018 Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education 852-857.


Flipping the principal-agent model to foster host community participation in monitoring and evaluation of volunteer tourism programmes, J Steele and Pascal Scherrer

2018 Tourism Recreation Research.


Population size or population density? An empirical examination of scale economies in South Australian local government, 2015/16, Carolyn Tran, Michael A. Kortt, and Brian Dollery

2018 Local Government Studies.


A social exchange perspective for achieving safety culture in healthcare organizations, Elisabetta Trinchero, Ben Farr-Wharton, and Yvonne O. Brunetto

2018 International Journal of Public Sector Management.


A scholarship approach to embedding creativity and sustainability in Marketing Principles curriculum, Tania von der Heidt

2018 Australasian Marketing Journal 26:2 99-115.


The treasure hunt: empowering first-year students to find the information they need through an innovative E-learning tool, Alison Watts, Mieke Witsel, and Craig Wilson

2018 Scholarship of Teaching Symposium.


Psychology-informed doctoral research in tourism, Betty Weiler, Monica Torland, Brent D. Moyle, and Arghavan Hadinejad

2018 Tourism Recreation Research 43:3 277-288.


A review of corporate social responsibility and real estate investment trust studies: an Australian perspective, Steffen Westermann, Scott J. Niblock, and Michael A. Kortt

2018 Economic Papers 37:1 92-110.


Corporate social responsibility and the performance of Australian REITs: a rolling regression approach, Steffen Westermann, Scott J. Niblock, and Michael A. Kortt

2018 Journal of Assett Management 19:4 222-234.


Positive autism : investigation of workplace characteristics leading to a strengths-based approach to employment of people with autism, Peter Wong, Michelle Donelly, Phil Neck, and William (Bill) E. Boyd

2018 Review of International Comparative Management 19:1 15-30.


Understanding individuals’ perceptions on Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system: results of field study, Jun Xu, Xiang Gao, John Hammond, Nicky Antonius, and Golam Sorwar

2018 Smart Homes and Health Telematics – Designing a Better Future: Urban Assisted Living 292-297.


Exploring individuals’ perceptions on Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record system, Jun Xu, Xiang Gao, Golam Sorwar, Nicky Antonius, and John Hammond

2018 Proceedings of the Smart homes and health telematics, designing a better future: urban assisted living: 16th international conference, ICOST 2018 285-291.


Testing a model of adoption and continued use of Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system among Australian consumers: a preliminary study, Jun Xu, Xiang Gao, Golam Sorwar, Nicky Antonius, and John Hammond

2018 Proceedings of the smart homes and health telematics, designing a better future: urban assisted living: 16th international conference, ICOST 2018, Singapore, Singapore, July 10-12, 2018, proceedings 121-133.


Understanding individual users’ perspectives on the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system: results of field study, Jun Xu, Xiangzhu Gao, John Hammond, Nicky Antonius, and Golam Sorwar

2018 Smart homes and health telematics: designing a better future: urban assisted living: 16th International Conference, ICOST 2018.


Facial expression analysis under partial occlusion: a survey, Ligang Zhang, Brijesh Verma, Dian Tjondronegoro, and Vinod Chandran

2018 ACM Computing Surveys 51:2.

Papers from 2017

Understanding the motivations and expectations of Arab visitors at the Gold Coast, Australia, J Abodeeb, Brent Moyle, and Erica Wilson

2017 Tourism in the Arab world: an industry perspective 220-234.


An ecologically and socially inclusive model of agritourism to support smallholder livelihoods in the South Pacific, Cherise Addinsall, Pascal Scherrer, Betty Weiler, and Kevin S. Glencross

2017 Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research 22:3 301-315.


Agroecological tourism: bridging conservation, food security and tourism goals to enhance smallholders’ livelihoods on South Pentecost, Vanuatu, Cherise Addinsall, Betty Weiler, Pascal Scherrer, and Kevin S. Glencross

2017 Journal of Sustainable Tourism 25:8 1100-1116.


Construction of word dictionary for Bangla vowel ended roots and its verbal inflexions in UNL based machine translation scheme, Nawab Y. Ali, Md Shamsujjoha, Golam Sorwar, and Shamim H. Ripon

2017 Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 5:1.


Is there a place for education and interpretation in shark-based tourism?, Kirin Apps, Kay Dimmock, David J. Lloyd, and Charlie Huveneers

2017 Tourism Recreation Research 42:3 327-343.


Travel and quality of life: Where do socio-economically disadvantaged individuals fit in?, Elisa Backer and Betty Weiler

2017 Journal of Vacation Marketing.


Researching tour guides and guiding: mapping the past, charting the future, Rosemary Black, Betty Weiler, and Hanyu Chen

2017 Conference Proceeding: 5th International Research Forum on Guided Tours 19-26.


Introduction: wildlife tourism management and phenomena: a web of complex conceptual, theoretical and practical issues, Ismar Borges de Lima and Rhonda J. Green

2017 Wildlife tourism, environmental learning and ethical encounters: ecological and conservation aspects 1-17.

Wildlife tourism, environmental learning and ethical encounters: ecological and conservation aspects, Ismar Borges de Lima and Rhonda J. Green

2017 .


Improving the computational thinking pedagogical capabilities of school teachers, Matt Bower, Leigh N. Wood, Jennifer WM Lai, Kate Highfield, Jennifer Veal, Cathy Howe, Raymond Lister, and Raina Mason

2017 Australian Journal of Teacher Education 42:3.


Individual and organizational support: does it affect red tape, stress and work outcomes of police officers in the USA?, Yvonne O. Brunetto, Stephen TT Teo, Rodney Farr-Wharton, Kate Shacklock, and Art Shriberg

2017 Personnel Review 46:4 750-766.


Comparing the impact of management on public and private sector nurses in the UK, Italy, and Australia, Yvonne Brunetto, Matthew J. Xerri, Elisabetta Trinchero, Rona Beattie, Kate Shacklock, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Elio Borgonovi

2017 Public Management Review.


Taking the weather with you: user acceptance, trust and value of weather apps on smartphones, Michael J. Bryant, Simon J. Wilde, and William J. Smart

2017 International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing 2:3/4 247-260.

Self-authorship development through tourism education: rethinking the outcomes of work-integrated learning, Julia Caldicott and Erica Wilson

2017 Handbook of teaching and learning in tourism 231-245.

My RV = My home! Freedom camping (boondocking) in Australia: a challenging "mobility" for urban planning and policy, Rod Caldicott, John M. Jenkins, and Pascal Scherrer

2017 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting.

The politics of freedom camping policy in Australian communities: understanding the "other" through a taxonomy of caravanning, Rod Caldicott, John M. Jenkins, and Pascal Scherrer

2017 Institute of Australian Geographers Conference.


Growing up in a tourist destination: negotiating space, identity and belonging, Antonia Canosa, Anne Graham, and Erica Wilson

2017 Children's Geographies.


Knowledge that acts: evaluating the outcomes of a knowledge brokering intervention in Western Australia's Ningaloo region, Kelly Chapman, Fabio Boschetti, Elizabeth Fulton, Pierre Horwitz, Tod Jones, Pascal Scherrer, and Geoff Syme

2017 Environmental Management 60:5 896-907.


Infrastructure reporting by New Zealand local authorities – perceptions and expectations, Bikram Chatterjee, Monir Z. Mir, and Ian Eddie

2017 Accounting Research Journal 30:1 36-57.


Tourism geography, Deborah Che

2017 Oxford bibliographies in geography.

Heritage interpretation as a tool for sustainable management of national parks in China, Hanyu Chen and Betty Weiler

2017 CAUTHE 2017: Time for Big Ideas? Re-thinking the Field for Tomorrow 278-287.


Implementing team-based Learning (TBL) in accounting courses, Jacqueline Christensen and Kayleen Wood

2017 Flipped learning symposium.


Why consumers in developing countries prefer foreign brands: a study of Japanese brands in Vietnam, Kim NTH Dao and Tania von der Heidt

2017 Journal of Promotion Management 24:3.


Co-designing services with vulnerable consumers, Timo Dietrich, Jakob Trischler, Lisa Schuster, and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

2017 Journal of Service Theory and Practice 27:3 663-688.


Community and business impacts of the proposed Ballina Ocean Pool, Kay Dimmock and Betty Weiler

2017 .

Event evaluation: approaches and new challenges, Larry Dwyer and Peter Forsyth

2017 The value of events.

Improving sustainable management of expedition cruise destinations in Australia: governance and management lessons from the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley and Tasmania, Claire Ellis, Pascal Scherrer, and Kaye Walker

2017 Cruise ship tourism 465-483.


Temporal manifestations of nostalgia: Le Tour de France, Sheranne Fairly, Heather Gibson, and Matthew Lamont

2017 Annals of Tourism Research.


Why lecturers still matter: the impact of lecturer-student exchange on student engagement and intention to leave university prematurely, Ben Farr-Wharton, Michael B. Charles, Robyn Keast, Geoff Woolcott, and Daniel Chamberlain

2017 Higher Education.


Workplace bullying, workplace relationships and job outcomes for police officers in Australia, Ben Farr-Wharton, Kate Shacklock, Yvonne O. Brunetto, Stephen TT Teo, and Rod Farr-Wharton

2017 Public Money & Management 37:5 325-332.


Pre-financing airport investments, efficiency and distribution: Do airlines really lose?, Peter Forsyth

2017 Journal of Air Transport Management.


Game on: comparison of demographic profiles, consumption behaviors, and gambling site selection criteria of esports and sports bettors, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett Abarbanel, and alex Blaszczynski

2017 Gaming Law Review 21:8 575-587.


Intensity and gambling harms: exploring breadth of gambling involvement among esports bettors, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski

2017 Gaming Law Review 21:8 610-615.


How blockchain and cryptocurrency technology could revolutionize online gambling, Sally M. Gainsbury and Alex Blaszczynski

2017 Gaming Law Review 21:7 482-492.


Virtual reality gambling: public policy implications for regulation and challenges for consumer protection, Sally M. Gainsbury and Alex Blaszczynski

2017 Gaming Law Review 21:4 314-322.


Understanding end-user perspectives to enhance perceived value uptake of harm-minimization tools: considering gambler’s views of a pre-commitment system, Sally M. Gainsbury, Laura Jakob, and David Aro

2017 International Gambling Studies.


Virtual addictions: an examination of problematic social casino game use among at-risk gamblers, Sally M. Gainsbury, Daniel L. King, Alex MT Russell, Paul Delfabbro, and Nerilee Hing

2017 Addictive Behaviors 64 334-339.

The potential for eWOM to affect consumer behaviour in tourism, Alana Harris and Bruce Prideaux

2017 The Routledge handbook of consumer behaviour in hospitality and tourism.

Once in a lifetime: music, parody, and comical incongruity in the young ones, Philip Hayward and Matthew Hill

2017 Music in comedy television: notes on laughs 59-72.

The impact of tourism on the quality of life of local industry employees in Ubud, Bali, Peita Hillman, Brent D. Moyle, Betty Weiler, and Deborah Che

2017 Positive tourism 175-249.

A review of research into problem gambling amongst Australian women, Nerilee Hing, Elaine Nuske, and Helen Breen

2017 Gambling disorders in women: an international female perspective on treatment and research 235-246.


Bet anywhere, anytime: an analysis of internet sports bettors' responses to gambling promotions during sports broadcasts by problem gambling severity, Nerilee Hing, Alex MT Russell, Matthew Lamont, and Peter Vitartas

2017 Journal of Gambling Studies 33:4 1051-1065.


Gambling responsibly: who does it and to what end?, Nerilee Hing, Kerry Sproston, Katherine Tran, and Alex Russell

2017 Journal of Gambling Studies 33:1 149-165.


Understanding persuasive attributes of sports betting advertisements: a conjoint analysis of selected elements, Nerilee Hing, Peter Vitartas, and Matthew James Lamont

2017 Journal of Behavioral Addictions.


Investigating factors influencing the adoption of e-Health in developing countries: a patient's perspective, M Rakibul Hoque, Yukun Bao, and Golam Sorwar

2017 Informatics for Health and Social Care 42:1 1-17.


Understanding factors influencing the adoption of mHealth by the elderly: an extension of the UTAUT model, Rakibul Hoque and Golam Sorwar

2017 International Journal of Medical Informatics 101 75-84.