Word-wise handwritten Persian and Roman script identification

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Roy, K, Alaei, A & Pal, U 2010, 'Word-wise handwritten Persian and Roman script identification', in Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, Kolkata, India, 16-18 November, IEEE, USA, pp. 628-633. ISBN: 9781424483532.

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Most of the countries use bi-script documents. This is because every country uses its own national language and English as second/foreign language. Therefore, bi-lingual document with one language being the English and other being the national language is very common. Postal documents are a very good example of such bi-lingual/script document. This paper deals with word-wise handwritten script identification from bi-script documents written in Persian and Roman. In the proposed scheme, simple but fast computable set of 12 features based on fractal dimension, position of small component, topology etc. are used and a set of classifiers are employed for script identification experiments. We tested our scheme on a dataset of 5000 handwritten Persian and English words and 99.20% of correct script identification is obtained.