Knowledge governance in project-based organizations : theoretical and empirical approaches

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Pemsel, S, Wiewiora, A, Muller, R, Aubry, M & Brown, KA 2013, 'Knowledge governance in project-based organizations : theoretical and empirical approaches', paper presented to International Research Network on Organizing by Projects (IRNOP 2013) : innovative approaches in project management research, Oslo, Norway, 16-18 June.


This paper conceptualizes knowledge governance (KG) in project-based organizations (PBOs) and its methodological approaches for empirical investigation. Three key contributions towards a multi-faceted view of KG and an understanding of KG in PBOs are advanced. These contributions include a definition of KG in PBOs, a conceptual framework to investigate KG and a methodological framework for empirical inquiry into KG in PBO settings. Our definition highlights the contingent nature of KG processes in relation to their organizational context. The conceptual framework addresses macro- and micro-level elements of KG and their interaction. The methodological framework proposes five different research approaches, structured by differentiation and integration of various ontological and epistemological stances. Together these contributions provide a novel platform for understanding KG in PBOs and developing new insights into the design and execution of research on KG within PBOs.