Shifting from asset dominant to service centric delivery systems: engaging users and communities

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Wiewiora, A, Keast, RL, Brown, KA & McGeoch, M 2013, 'Shifting from asset dominant to service centric delivery systems: engaging users and communities', paper presented to 17th International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM XVII) : public sector responds to global crisis, Prague, Czech Republic, 10-12 April.


Research and practice has observed a shift toward service-oriented approaches that depend on input from users and community as co-producers of services. Yet, in delivering public infrastructure the focus is still on assets rather than services. The contribution of external stakeholders in the co-production of public services is still limited. Using the Policy Delphi with a panel of experts, we found that although practitioners understand the need for asset management to follow the service approach, guidelines and policies still lack that service-centric perspective. Findings revealed a range of obstacles to effective service delivery, related to the sub-optimal involvement of stakeholders’, asymmetric levels of power, the lack of accountability, transparency and availability of government, and the lack of genuine consultations between government and stakeholder groups. The paper concludes by offering directions and strategies for asset managers and policymakers to support and reconnect disengaged government-citizen relations for optimal service delivery outcomes in asset management.