Culture change for effective engineering asset management organizations

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Brunetto, Y, Xerri, M & Nelson, SA 2013, 'Culture change for effective engineering asset management organizations', paper presented to the Academy of Management Conference: Capitalism in question, Orlando, US, 9-13 August.

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Using the competing values framework (CVF) as an organizational culture lens, this study analyses current organizational cultures and identifies strategies and actions for effective change in Australian engineering asset management organizations. The organizational culture assessment index (OCAI) was employed as a diagnostic tool to identify current organizational culture profiles. The results do not indicate a single dominant culture in asset management organizations but identify three distinct and competing organizational culture profiles operating together, in accordance with the functional groupings: managers, professional engineers and maintenance/technical staff. The implications for asset managers are explored and in particular, the need for more effective communication processes at all levels in order to reduce the negative impacts and barriers to change presented by organizational subcultures, especially as asset management organizations move toward more proactive and sustainable modes of operation