UNL-based machine translation scheme for Bangla locative case constructs

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Ali, NY, Golam, S & Ameer, A 2014, 'UNL-based machine translation scheme for Bangla locative case constructs', Journal of Information and Education Technology, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 454-458.

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Case structure plays a vital role in grammatical structure of any language during language translation. This paper presents an in-depth analysis of Bangla locative case constructs based on UNL (Universal Networking Language) machine translation scheme. A set of analysis rules have been defined to convert various Bangla locative case sentences into UNL expressions that can later be converted to any native language using language independent deconversion rules. We have demonstrated five different analysis rules and illustrated how each of them can effectively convert Bangla sentences to UNL expressions

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