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Postprint of: Addinsall, C, Glencross, KS, Scherrer, P, Weiler, B & Nichols, JD 2015, 'Agroecology and sustainable rural livelihoods: a conceptual framework to guide development projects in the Pacific Islands', Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems , vol. 39, no. 6, pp. 691-723.

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This article reviews rural development literature in the areas of sustainable livelihoods and agroecology. Combining agroecological and sustainable livelihoods approaches enables interdisciplinary research that incorporates principles from sociology, economics, agronomy and ecology. The outcome of this literature analysis alongside participatory research in Vanuatu and Fiji in 2013–2014 was the development of the integrated Agroecology and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Framework (ASRLF). The Pacific Island nations have a well-developed traditional economy, but appropriate rural economic development has been problematic. The ASRLF seeks to function in the local Pacific Island context while also having relevance to sustainable rural development projects elsewhere.

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