User acceptance and adoption of weather apps on smartphones: exploratory findings

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Conference publication

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Bryant, MJ, Wilde, SJ & Smart, WJ 2015, 'User acceptance and adoption of weather apps on smartphones: exploratory findings', in WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings, West East Institute, West Chester, USA, pp. 114-118.

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In view of the widespread penetration and adoption of LBS supported Information Communication Technology (ICT) devices (particularly smartphones), this paper seeks to explore aspects of user acceptance, trust, and value of downloaded weather apps on smartphones. This research builds on previous user acceptance studies with its focus on mobile devices. Using Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), this research identified four underlying dimensions of user acceptance: Ease of Use, Trust, Value, and Ease of Adoption. The results of this study further affirm that aspects of Ease of Use and Ease of Adoption were elevated with respondents who downloaded a weather app for use on their smartphone. Future research could aim to further embed the identified factors of user acceptance of weather apps on smartphones across a broader range of ICT devices, including an expanded set of geographical locations and smartphone user groups.