Facebook, self-disclosure, and brand-mediated intimacy: Identifying value creating behaviors

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Hassan, M, Mydock, S, Pervan, SJ & Kortt, M 2016, 'Facebook, self-disclosure, and brand-mediated intimacy: identifying value creating behaviors', Journal of Consumer Behaviour, vol. 15, issue 6, pp. 493-502.

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Value creating behaviors (VCBs) have not been extensively investigated within the context of social networking sites; this study highlights the importance of self-disclosure leading to brand-mediated intimacy as an explanation for VCBs within brand pages of social networking sites. A netnographic approach is undertaken, and the data include naturalistic observations of four Facebook brand communities. The results introduce four new VCBs and confirm that all 14 VCBs listed in previous research are practised within Facebook brand communities. This study also provides evidence of factual and emotional brand disclosures, and responses, suggesting consumer peers may be achieving a level of brand-mediated intimacy through their exchanges. Harnessing the need for intimacy may represent an important strategic advantage to brands. It also has implications for public policy makers wishing to further understand consumer health and well-being.

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