An integrated patient information and in-home health monitoring system using smartphones and web services

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Book chapter

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Sorwar, G, Ali, M, Islam, MK & Miah, MS 2016, 'An integrated patient information and in-home health monitoring system using smartphones and web services' in AJ Maeder, K Ho, A Marcelo & J Warren (eds), The promise of new technologies in an age of new health challenges: selected papers from Global Telehealth 2016, IOS Press, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 119-126. ISBN: 9781614997115

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Modern healthcare systems are undergoing a paradigm shift from in-hospital care to in-home monitoring, leveraging the emerging technologies in the area of bio-sensing, wireless communication, mobile computing, and artificial intelligence. In-home monitoring promises to significantly reduce healthcare spending by preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and visits to healthcare professionals. Most of the in-home monitoring systems, proposed in the literature, focus on monitoring a set of specific vital signs. However, from the perspective of caregivers it is infeasible to maintain a collection of specialized monitoring systems. In this paper, we view the problem of in-home monitoring from the perspective of caregivers and present a framework that supports various monitoring capabilities while making the complexity transparent to the end users. The essential idea of the framework is to define a ‘general purpose architecture’ where the system specifies a particular protocol for communication and makes it public. Then any bio-sensing system can communicate with the system as long as it conforms to the protocol. We then argue that as the system grows in terms of number of patients and bio-sensing systems, artificial intelligence technologies need to be employed for patients' risk assessment, prioritization, and recommendation. Finally, we present an initial prototype of the system designed according to the proposed framework.