Cost and time effectiveness analysis of a telemedicine service in Bangladesh

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Book chapter

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Sorwar, G, Rahamn, MM, Uddin, R & Hoque, MR 2016, 'Cost and time effectiveness analysis of a telemedicine service in Bangladesh' in AJ Maeder, K Ho, A Marcelo & J Warren (eds), The promise of new technologies in an age of new health challenges: selected papers from Global Telehealth 2016, IOS Press, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 127-134. ISBN: 9781614997115

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Telemedicine has great potential to overcome geographical barriers to providing access to equal health care services, particularly for people living in remote and rural areas in developing countries like Bangladesh. A number of telemedicine systems have been implemented in Bangladesh. However, no significant studies have been conducted to determine either their cost effectiveness or efficiency in reducing travel time required by patients. In addition, very few studies have analyzed the attitude and level of satisfaction of telemedicine service recipients in Bangladesh. The aim of this study was to analyze the cost and time effectiveness of a telemedicine service, implemented through locally developed PC based diagnostic equipment and software in Bangladesh, compared to conventional means of providing those services. The study revealed that the introduced telemedicine service reduced cost and travel time on average by 56% and 94% respectively compared to its counterpart conventional approach. The study also revealed that majority of users were highly satisfied with the newly introduced telemedicine service. Therefore, the introduced telemedicine service can be considered as a low cost and time efficient health service solution to improve health care facilities in the remote rural areas in Bangladesh.