The ontology of teaching in transcultural contexts: four voices of competence

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Witsel, M & Boyle, A 2017, 'The ontology of teaching in transcultural contexts: four voices of competence', Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, vol. 21, Part B, pp. 154-162.

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In the growing body of research on globalisation of education, many studies focus on epistemology: knowledge and skills underlying the ‘doing’ of teaching practices. Herein, however, the ontological aspect of ‘being a teacher’ is neglected. This study developed a new holistic model to assist teachers working in transcultural settings. The model was applied to rich data engendered by a phenomenological study of four academics. Findings showed the academics’ sense of identity and value systems were expressed and modified, illustrating that a focus on epistemology alone does not necessarily ensure competent practice. These voices grant insights into successful transcultural teaching approaches.

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