Travel and quality of life: Where do socio-economically disadvantaged individuals fit in?

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Backer, E & Weiler, B in press, 'Travel and quality of life: where do socio-economically disadvantaged individuals fit in?', Journal of Vacation Marketing.

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Recently, there has been increasing scholarly interest in the relationship between tourism and quality of life (QOL). While the concept of QOL is contestable, a number of studies have revealed that travel can increase an individual’s perceived and actual QOL. To date, the focus has been on vacation travel, highlighting that travel primarily for the purpose of rest or recreation, whether to a holiday destination or touring, is a component of many people’s perceived QOL, and in some cases is a critical component. However, these more expensive forms of vacation travel are less accessible to those classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged. Many such individuals can and do visit friends and relatives (VFR), suggesting that VFR may be a critical means by which socio-economically disadvantaged people can travel for pleasure and thereby maintain or improve their QOL. The article suggests a number of potential strategies based on the 8 Ps of the marketing mix, and these in turn inform avenues for future research.

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