User-centered study on quality of mobile video services

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Book chapter

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Song, W, Tjondronegoro, D & Docherty, M 2013, 'User-centered study on quality of mobile video services', in D Tjondronegoro (ed.), Tools for mobile multimedia programming and development, Information Science Reference, Hershey, Pennsylvania, pp. 18-51. ISBN: 9781466640542

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Mobile video, as an emerging market and a promising research field, has attracted much attention from both industry and researchers. Considering the quality of user-experience as the crux of mobile video services, this chapter aims to provide a guide to user-centered studies of mobile video quality. This will benefit future research in better understanding user needs and experiences, designing effective research, and providing solid solutions to improve the quality of mobile video. This chapter is organized in three main parts: (1) a review of recent user studies from the perspectives of research focuses, user study methods, and data analysis methods; (2) an example of conducting a user study of mobile video research, together with the discussion on a series of relative issues, such as participants, materials and devices, study procedure, and analysis results; and (3) a conclusion with an open discussion about challenges and opportunities in mobile video related research, and associated potential future improvements.