Exploring individuals’ perceptions on Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record system

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Xu, J, Gao, X, Sorwar, G, Antonius, N & Hammond, J 2018, 'Exploring individuals’ perceptions on Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record system', in M Mokhtari, B Abdulrazak & H Aloulou (eds.), Proceedings of the Smart homes and health telematics, designing a better future: urban assisted living: 16th international conference, ICOST 2018, Singapore, 10-12 July, Springer, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 285-291. ISBN 9783319945224

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This research explores enablers for and obstacles to the acceptance and use of the Australian Government Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system and provides recommendations drawn from surveys from existing and potential individual users of the system. The results of the study indicate that the participants’ major concerns are data security and information privacy. Participants value the importance of governance. They expect more benefits from the PCEHR system than traditional health records. They also expect a quality system that operates normally, a simple system that they can register and learn, and a usable system that they can use easily. The system needs efforts from stakeholders including individuals, health care providers, the Australian Government, legal professionals and system developers to satisfy individuals’ expectations, and resolve the issues of the concerns.