Logo detection using painting based representation and probability features

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Alaei, A, Delalandre, M & Girard, N 2013, 'Logo detection using painting based representation and probability features', in Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), 25-28 August, Washington, USA, pp. 1267-1271. ISBN: 9781479901937.

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In this paper, a coarse-to-fine logo detection scheme for document images is proposed. At the coarse level of the proposed scheme, content of a document image is pruned utilizing a decision tree and a small number of features such as frequency probability (FP), Gaussian probability (GP), height, width, and average density computed for patches. The patches are extracted employing the piece-wise painting algorithm (PPA) used for text-line segmentation. The fine level of the proposed scheme refines the detection results by integrating shape context descriptors and a Nearest Neighbor (NN) classifier. We evaluated the proposed approach using a public and two large industrial datasets. From the experiment on Tobacco-800 dataset, the best precision and accuracy of 75.25% and 91.50% were obtained respectively.