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Powell, MA, Fitzgerald, RM, Taylor, N & Graham, A 2012, International literature review: ethical issues in Undertaking research with children and young people, for the Childwatch International Research Network, Southern Cross University, Centre for Children and Young People, Lismore NSW and University of Otago, Centre for Research on Children and Families, Dunedin, NZ


This paper reviews recent literature regarding ethical issues in research with children andyoung people. This is a topic that has seen a significant growth in interest over recent years,in response to developments in both child research and ethics (Alderson & Morrow, 2011;Hill, 2005; Farrell, 2005). Whilst acknowledging the clear importance of the issues related tomedical and psychological research studies on children, they are beyond the scope of thisreview which is focused on ethical issues related to research with children, who are activelyparticipating and expressing their views and opinions.