A case study of gambling involvement and its consequences

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Hing, N, Breen, H & Gordon, A 2012, 'A case study of gambling involvement and its consequences', Leisure Sciences, vol. 34, no. 3, pp. 217-235.

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Gambling has attracted minimal recent research in leisure studies. Focusing on Indigenous Australian gambling, this article draws on theoretical frameworks in leisure and gambling to develop gambling involvement profiles. Using qualitative methods, 169 Indigenous Australians were interviewed. Thematic analysis generated three typical gambler profiles—light, binge and heavy gamblers—distinguishable by different gambling behaviors, motivations and consequences. Analysis of the dimensions of leisure involvement revealed that light and heavy gamblers differed according to importance/interest, pleasure, centrality, self-expression, social bonding, risk probability, and risk consequence. The article demonstrates the application to gambling of certain leisure involvement constructs

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