Papers from 2018


Telehealth interventions delivering home-based support group videoconferencing: systematic review, Annie Banbury, Susan Nancarrow, Jared Dart, Leonard Gray, and Lynne Parkinson

2018 Journal of Medical Internet Research 20:2.

Where-ever I park my RV, that's my home: freedom camping and local community tensions in eastern Australia, Rod Caldicott, John Jenkins, and Pascal Scherrer

2018 The Routledge handbook of second home tourism and mobilities.


Comparative sorption of chromium species as influenced by pH, surface charge and organic matter content in contaminated soils, Girish Choppala, Anitha Kunhikrishnan, Balaji Seshadri, Richard T. Bush, Nanthi Bolan, and Jin Hee Park

2018 Journal of Geochemical Exploration 184:B 255-260.


Hematologic and biochemical characteristics of stranded green sea turtles, Duane T. March, Kimberly Vinette-Herrin, Andrew Peters, Ellen Ariel, David Blyde, Doug Hayward, Leslie Christidis, and Brendan P. Kelaher

2018 Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation.


Law as clinical evidence: a new constitutive model of medical education and decision-making, Malcolm Parker, Lindy Willmott, Ben White, Gail Williams, and Colleen M. Cartwright

2018 Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 15:1 101-109.


Optimizing heterotrophic feeding rates of three commercially important scleractinian corals, Alejandro Tagliafico, Salome Rangel, Brendan Kelaher, and Leslie Christidis

2018 Aquaculture 483 96-101.

Papers from 2017


Agroecological tourism: bridging conservation, food security and tourism goals to enhance smallholders’ livelihoods on South Pentecost, Vanuatu, Cherise Addinsall, Betty Weiler, Pascal Scherrer, and Kevin S. Glencross

2017 Journal of Sustainable Tourism 25:8 1100-1116.


An interactive videogame for arm and hand exercise in people with Parkinson's disease: a randomized controlled trial, Natalie E. Allen, Jooeun Song, Serene S. Paul, Stuart T. Smith, Jonathon O'Duffy, Matthew Schmidt, Rachelle Love, Catherine Sherrington, and Colleen G. Canning

2017 Parkinsonism & Related Disorders 41 66-72.


Social work research in the field of disability in Australia: a scoping review, Christine Bigby, Clare Tilbury, and Mark Hughes

2017 Australian Social Work 71:1 18-31.


The effect of ongoing feedback on physical activity levels following an exercise intervention in older adults: a randomised controlled trial protocol, Katie-Jane Brickwood, Stuart T. Smith, Greig Watson, and Andrew D. Williams

2017 BMC Sports Science Medicine and Rehabilitation 9:1 1-9.

My RV = My home! Freedom camping (boondocking) in Australia: a challenging "mobility" for urban planning and policy, Rod Caldicott, John M. Jenkins, and Pascal Scherrer

2017 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting.

The politics of freedom camping policy in Australian communities: understanding the "other" through a taxonomy of caravanning, Rod Caldicott, John M. Jenkins, and Pascal Scherrer

2017 Institute of Australian Geographers Conference.


The efficacy of interactive, motion capture-based rehabilitation on functional outcomes in an inpatient stroke population: a randomized controlled trial, John Cannell, Emelyn Jovic, Amy Rathjen, Kylie Lane, Anna M. Tyson, Michelle L. Callisaya, Stuart T. Smith, Kiran DK Ahuja, and Marie-Louise Bird

2017 Clinical Rehabilitation.


Australian doctors' knowledge of and compliance with the law relating to end-of-life decisions: implications for LGBTI patients, Colleen M. Cartwright, Ben White, Lindy Willmott, Malcolm Parker, and Gail Williams

2017 Culture, Health & Sexuality.


Oxidative transformation of iron monosulfides and pyrite in estuarine sediments: implications for trace metals mobilisation, Girish Choppala, Richard Bush, Ellen Moon, Nick J. Ward, Zhaohui Wang, N Bolan, and Leigh Sullivan

2017 Journal of Environmental Management 186:2 158-166.


Bioacoustic and multi-locus DNA data of Ninox owls support high incidence of extinction and recolonisation on small, low-lying islands across Wallacea, Chyi Yin Gwee, Leslie Christidis, James A. Eaton, Janette A. Norman, Colin R. Trainor, Philippe Verbelen, and Frank E. Rheindt

2017 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 109 246-258.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, Mark Hughes

2017 Social work and human services best practice.


Phylogeny, biogeography and taxonomic consequences in a bird-of-paradise species complex, Lophorina–Ptiloris (Aves: Paradisaeidae), Martin Irestedt, Henrique Batalha-Filho, Per GP Ericson, Leslie Christidis, and Richard Schodde

2017 Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 181:2 439-470.


Ecological restoration of a severely degraded coastal acid sulfate soil: a case study of the East Trinity wetland, Queensland, Hanabeth Luke, Michelle A. Martens, Ellen M. Moon, Doug Smith, Nicholas J. Ward, and Richard T. Bush

2017 Ecological Management & Restoration 18:2 103-114.


Exploring public universities as social enterprises, Morgan P. Miles, Martie-Louise Verreynne, Andrew McAuley, and Kevin Hammond

2017 International Journal of Educational Management 31:3 404-414.


A new subspecies of Short-toed Snake-eagle from Wallacea determined from morphological and DNA comparison, Nathaniel SR NG, Leslie Christidis, Jerry Olson, Janette Norman, and Frank E. Rheindt

2017 Zootaxa 4358:2 365-374.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme: effects on the quality of life and personal well-being of Australians caring for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, Matthew Snow and James F. Donnelly

2017 Journal of Depression & Anxiety 6:4.


Home-based step training using videogame technology in people with Parkinson’s disease: a single-blinded randomised controlled trial, Jooeun Song, Serene S. Paul, Maria JD Caetano, Stuart Smith, Leland E. Dibble, Rachelle Love, Daniel Schoene, Jasmine C. Menant, Cathie Sherrington, Stephen R. Lord, Colleen G. Canning, and Natalie E. Allen

2017 Clinical Rehabilitation.


A new technique to increase polyp production in stony coral aquaculture using waste fragments without polyps, Alejandro Tagliafico, Salomé Rangel, Brendan P. Kelaher, Sander Scheffers, and Leslie Christidis

2017 Aquaculture 484 303-308.


Exploring the “black box” of customer co-creation processes, Jakob Trischler, Simon J. Pervan, and Don R. Scott

2017 Journal of Services Marketing 31:3 265-280.


1-Chloro-n-alkanes: potential mangrove and saltmarsh vegetation biomarkers, Svenja Tulipani, Lorenz Schwark, Alex I. Holman, Richard T. Bush, and Kliti Grice

2017 Organic Geochemistry 107 54-58.


Effect of schwertmannite and jarosite on the formation of hypoxic blackwater during inundation of grass material, Chamindra L. Vithana, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Troy Shepherd

2017 Water Research 124.


Comparing doctors' legal compliance across three Australian states for decisions whether to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining medical treatment: does different law lead to different decisions?, Ben P. White, Lindy Willmott, Colleen M. Cartwright, Malcolm Parker, Gail Williams, and Juliet Davis

2017 BMC Palliative Care 16:1.


Influences on sustainable behavior, Royce Willis, Stephen C. Provost, and Leslie Christidis

2017 Ecophyschology 9:1 19-25.

Papers from 2016


Accuracy, validity, and reliability of an electronic visual analog scale for pain on a touch screen tablet in healthy older Adults: a clinical trial, Marie-Louise Bird, Michele L. Callisaya, John Cannell, Timothy Gibbons, Stuart T. Smith, and Kiran DK Ahuja

2016 Interactive Journal of Medical Research 5:1.


“FIND Technology”: investigating the feasibility, efficacy and safety of controller-free interactive digital rehabilitation technology in an inpatient stroke population: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial, M L. Bird, J Cannell, M L. Callisaya, E Moles, A Rathjen, K Lane, A Tyson, and Stuart T. Smith

2016 17:203.


Use of commercial physical activity monitors and remote feedback on maintenance of physical activity levels following an exercise intervention, Katie-Jane Brickwood, Greig Watson, Stuart Smith, and Andrew Williams

2016 Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 24:suppl. 1.


The Fromelles Interment 2010: dominant narrative and reflexive thanatourism, Peter Clarke and Andrew McAuley

2016 Current Issues in Tourism 19:11 1103-1119.


Use of a custom made sensor and cushion combination to record sit-to-stand performance and remote monitoring and clinician feedback using table technology, Simpson Dawn, Callisaya Michele, Schmidt Matthew, and Stuart T. Smith

2016 Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 24:Suppl. 1.


Chart mythos: the JAMs’ and the KLF’s invocation of Mu, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

2016 Shima 10:2.


Species shade tolerance affects tree basal area growth behaviour in two eucalypt species in thinned and unthinned even-aged monoculture, Kevin Glencross, Philip West, and J Doland Nichols

2016 Australian Forestry 79:3 157-167.


Effect of affordable technology on physical activity levels and mobility outcomes in rehabilitation: a protocol for the Activity and MObility UsiNg Technology (AMOUNT) rehabilitation trial, Leanne Hassett, Maayken van den Berg, Richard I. Lindley, Maria Crotty, Annie McCluskey, Hidde P. van der Ploeg, Stuart T. Smith, Karl Schurr, Maggie Killington, Bert Bongers, Kirsten Howard, Stephane Heritier, Leanne Togher, Maree Hackett, Daniel Treacy, Simone Dorsch, Siobhan Wong, Katharine Scrivener, Sakina Chagpar, Heather Weber, Ross Pearson, and Catherine Sherrington

2016 BMJ Open 6:6.


Enduring perceptions: placenaming and the perception of Louisiana’s salt dome islands, Philip Hayward

2016 Island Studies Journal 11:2 417-430.


Effects of a home-based step training programme on balance, stepping, cognition and functional performance in people with multiple sclerosis – a randomized controlled trial, Phu Hoang, Daniel Schoene, Simon Gandevia, Stuart T. Smith, and Stephen R. Lord

2016 Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22:1 94-103.


Assessment: what does technology add to practice?, D Simpson, M Callisaya, M Schmidt, Stuart Smith, Marie-Louise Bird, Wei-Peng Teo, Makii Muthalib, Willy Colier, Katie-Jane Brickwood, G Watson, S Smith, and Andrew Williams

2016 Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 24:suppl. 1 S89-S90.


Interactive games for home delivery of exercise and rehabilitation interventions for older adults: an Australian perspective, Stuart T. Smith and M L. Bird

2016 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 231 110-118.


Health coaching and pedometers to enhance physical activity and prevent falls in community-dwelling people aged 60 years and over: study protocol for the Coaching for Healthy AGEing (CHAnGE) cluster randomised controlled trial, Anne Tiedemann, Chris Rissel, Kirsten Howard, Allison Tong, Dafna Merom, Stuart Smith, James Wickham, Adrian Bauman, Stephen R. Lord, Constance Vogler, Richard I. Lindley, Judy M. Simpson, Margaret Allman-Farinelli, and Catherine Sherrington

2016 BMJ Open 6:5.


Video and computer-based interactive exercises are safe and improve task-specific balance in geriatric and neurological rehabilitation: a randomised trial, Maayken van den Berg, Catherine Sherrington, Maggie Killington, Stuart Smith, Bert Bongers, Leanne Hassett, and Maria Crotty

2016 Journal of Physiotherapy 62:1 20-28.


Modelling growth behaviour in monoculture in subtropical eastern Australia of two eucalypt species that differ in shade tolerance, Philip W. West, Kevin Glencross, and J Doland Nichols

2016 Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science 78:4 283-287.


Is there a role for law in medical practice when withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining medical treatment? Empirical findings on attitudes of doctors, Lindy Willmott, Ben White, Malcolm Parker, Colleen M. Cartwright, and Gail Williams

2016 Journal of Law and Medicine 24 342-355.


Validity of power settings of the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer, Emma K. Zadow, Cecilia M. Kitic, Sam SX Wu, Stuart T. Smith, and James W. Fell

2016 International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance 11:8 1115-1117.

Papers from 2015


Exposure to “exergames” increases older adults’ perception of the usefulness of technology for improving health and physical activity: a pilot study, Marie-Louise Bird, Brodie Clark, Johanna millar, Sue Whetton, and Stuart T. Smith

2015 JMIR Serious Games 3:2.


Good lateral harmonic stability combined with adequate gait speed is required for low fall risk in older people, M AD Brodie, H B. Menz, Stuart T. Smith, K Delbaere, and S R. Lord

2015 Gerontology 61:1 69-78.


Symmetry matched auditory cues improve gait steadiness in most people with Parkinson's disease but not in healthy older people, Matthew AD Brodie, Roger T. Dean, Tim R. Beijer, Colleen G. Canning, Stuart T. Smith, Jasmine C. Menant, and Stephen R. Lord

2015 Journal of Parkinson's Disease 5:1 105-116.


Interactive cognitive-motor step training improves cognitive risk factors of falling in older adults – a randomized controlled trial, Daniel Schoene, Trinidad Valenzuela, Barbara Toson, Kim Delbaere, Connie Severino, Jaime Garcia, Thomas A. Davies, Frances Russell, Stuart T. Smith, and Stephen R. Lord

2015 PL o S One 10:12.


The Whitewood (Endospermum medullosum) value-chain in Vanuatu and impediments to development of a plantation-based industry, Rexon Virannamanga, Kevin S. Glencross, Graeme Palmer, J Doland Nichols, and R Geoff B. Smith

2015 Small-scale Forestry 14:2 139-153.


Validity of the Wahoo KICKR power trainer and reliability of a 4 km cycle time trial, Emma K. Zadow, James W. Fell, Stuart T. Smith, and Cecilia M. Shing

2015 Journal of Science and Cycling 4:2 16-17.

Papers from 2014


A single case study using Jintronix software for stroke rehabilitation and Kinect motion tracking for physical rehabilitation using a putt to stand aid and standby table, Marie-Louise L. Bird, J Cannell, Michelle Callisaya, E Moles, and Stuart Smith

2014 International Journal of Stroke 9:suppl. 2.

Interactive infrastructures: physical rehabilitation modules for pervasive healthcare technology, A J. Bongers, Stuart Smith, Victor Donker, Michelle Pickerall, Rebecca Hall, and Stefan Lie

2014 Pervasive Health 229-254.

Interactive infrastructures: physical rehabilitation modules for pervasive healthcare technology, A J. Bongers, Stuart T. Smith, Victor Donker, Michelle Pickrell, Rebecca Hall, and Stefan Lie

2014 Smart Strokes Conference 2014.


Spatial variability during gait initiation while dual tasking is increased in individuals with mild cognitive impairment, S Boripuntakul, S R. Lord, M AD Brodie, Stuart T. Smith, P Methapatara, N Wongpakaran, and Somporn Sungkarat

2014 The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging 18:3 307-312.


Gait as a biomarker? Accelerometers reveal that reduced movement quality while walking is associated with Parkinson's disease, ageing and fall risk, Matthew A. Brodie, Nigel H. Lovell, Colleen G. Canning, Hylton B. Menz, Kim Delbaere, Stephen J. Redmond, Mark Latt, Daina L. Sturnieks, Jasmine Menant, Stuart T. Smith, and Stephen R. Lord

2014 Proceedings of the 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 5968-5971.

Game-based IT solutions for active and healthy ageing, Mario Drobics and Stuart Smith

2014 Games for training, education, health and sports: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Serious Games, Gamedays 2014 8-11.

Data Set

Enrichment and heterogeneity of trace elements at the redox-interface of Fe-rich intertidal sediments, Annabelle F. Keene, Scott G. Johnston, Richard T. Bush, Edward D. Burton, Leigh A. Sullivan, Matthew Dundon, Angus E. McElnea, C Doug Smith, Col R. Ahern, Bernard Powell, and Environmental Analysis Laboratory Southern Cross University



Visuospatial tasks affect locomotor control more than nonspatial tasks in older people, Jasmine C. Menant, Diana L. Sturnieks, Matthew AD Brodie, Stuart T. Smith, and Stephen R. Lord

2014 PL o S One 9:10.


A Stroop Stepping Test (SST) using low-cost computer game technology discriminates between older fallers and non-fallers, D Schoene, Stuart T. Smith, T A. Davies, K Delbaere, and S R. Lord

2014 Age 43:2 285-289.

Papers from 2013


Interactivated physical rehabilitation modules, Bert Bongers, Stuart Smith, Michelle Pickrell, Rebecca Hall, and Victor Donker

2013 Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition 371-372.


Researching SME/entrepreneurial research: a study of journal of research in marketing and entrepreneurship (JRME?) 2000-2011, Audrey Gilmore, Andrew McAuley, Damian Gallagher, Philippe Massiera, and Jordan Gambler

2013 Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 15:2 87-100.


The interplay between executive control and motor functioning in Williams syndrome, Darren R. Hocking, Daniel Thomas, Jasmine C. Menant, Melanie A. Porter, Stuart Smith, Stephen R. Lord, and Kim M. Cornish

2013 Developmental Science 16:3 428-442.


Students, citizens and seekers: an exploration of justifications for university chaplaincy and the consequent subjectification, Robert G. Lingard

2013 Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association 5:1 25-36.

Understanding the digital game classification system: a review of the current classification system and its implications for use within games for health, Hannah Ramsden Marston and Stuart T. Smith

2013 Human factors in computing and informatics: Proceedings of the First International Conference, SouthCHI2013 314-331.


Entrepreneurial education: meeting needs better, Andrew McAuley

2013 Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 15:1 12-22.


Cooking with Luce: parler-femme through textual montage, Nollie Nahrung

2013 M/C Journal 16:3.


A review of mangrove and seagrass ecosystems and their linkage to fisheries and fisheries management, Peter Saenger, Donald Gartside, and S Funge-Smith

2013 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.


A randomized controlled pilot study of home-based step training in older people using videogame technology, Daniel Schoene, Stephen R. Lord, Kim Delbaere, Connie Severino, Thomas A. Davies, and Stuart T. Smith

2013 PL o S One 8:3.


Discriminative ability and predictive validity of the timed up and go test in identifying older people who fall: systematic review and meta-analysis, Daniel Schoene, Sandy MS Wu, A Stefanie Mikolaizak, Jasmine C. Menant, Stuart Smith, Kim Delbaere, and Stephen R. Lord

2013 Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 61:2 202-208.


Videogame-based system for delivering fall risk reduction programs into the homes of older adults, Stuart T. Smith, J Lennox, and T A. Davies

2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE.


Comment on "Possible source of ancient carbon in phytolith concentrates from harvested grasses" by G. M. Santos et al. (2012), Leigh A. Sullivan and Jeffrey F. Parr

2013 Biogeosciences 10 977-980.

Papers from 2012


Ontogenetic behaviour and swimming ability of the endangered eastern freshwater cod, Maccullochella ikei, with notes on growth and development, Gavin L. Butler, Stuart J. Rowland, Peter R. Baverstock, and Stephen Morris

2012 Ecology of Freshwater Fish 21:1 23-33.


Exergames for the elderly: towards an embedded kinect-based clinical test of falls risk, Jaime Andres Garcia, Karla Felix Navarro, Daniel Schoene, Stuart T. Smith, and Yusuf Pisan

2012 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 178 51-57.


Patterns of alcohol and other drug use associated with major depression among gay men attending general practices in Australia, Martin Holt, Joanne Bryant, Christy E. Newman, Dana M. Paquette, Limin Mao, Michael R. Kidd, Deborah C. Saltman, and Susan C. Kippax

2012 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 4:10 141-151.


Super-elastic scattering studies in a resonant optical enhancement cavity, Martyn Hussey, Sarah Jhumka, Alex Knight-Percival, Andrew Murray, and William MacGillivray

2012 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 388:4.


Interactive videogame technologies to support independence in the elderly: a narrative review, Hannah R. Marston and Stuart T. Smith

2012 Games for Health Journal 1:2 139-152.


Operability analysis of nonlinear processes based on incremental dissipativity, Herry Santoso, Denny Hioe, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2012 Journal of Process Control 22:1 156-166.

Poor performance in a test of selective attention, response inhibition and stepping is associated with falls in older people, Daniel Schoene, Stuart T. Smith, Kim Delbaere, and Stephen R. Lord

2012 Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 20:suppl. 1 S186-S187.

Home-based exergaming: an effective fall preventive measure for the elderly, Stuart T. Smith, Kim Delbaere, and Stephen R. Lord

2012 Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 20:suppl. 1 S121-S122.


The use of exercise-based videogames (exergames) for training and rehabilitation of physical function in older adults: current practice and guidelines for future research, Stuart T. Smith and Daniel Schoene

2012 Aging Health 8:3 243-252.


Australian franchising research: review, synthesis and future research directions, Owen Wright and Andrew McAuley

2012 Australasian Marketing Journal 20:2 158-163.

Papers from 2011


Lost or just at a crossroads: is entrepreneurship the way forward for marketing?, Andrew McAuley

2011 Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 13:2 161-166.


Unstraightening: ethical adventures with queer heterosexuality in an open text, Nollie Nahrung

2011 The ethical imaginations: writing worlds papers - the refereed proceedings of the 16th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs, 2011 1-9.


Abundance of east coast Australian humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in 2005 estimated using multi-point sampling and capture recapture analysis, David A. Paton, Lyndon Brooks, Daniel Burns, Trish Franklin, Wally Franklin, Peter Harrison, and Peter Baverstock

2011 The Journal of Cetacean Research and Management Special Issue Special issue 3 253-259.


Quality assurance in Australian higher education: historical and future development, Mahsood Shah, Sid Nair, and Mark Wilson

2011 Asia Pacific Education Review 12:3 475-483.


Using the concept of resilience to explain entrepreneurial success in China, Jing Sun, Nicholas Buys, Xinchao Wang, and Andrew McAuley

2011 Journal of Management and Enterprise Development 11:2/3/4 182-202.

Papers from 2010


The Aussie sunday lunch: welcoming international students and engaging the local community, Robert Lingard

2010 Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association 4:1 46-56.

Electrochemical analysis of highly reactive pyrite, Kym M. Watling, Edward D. Burton, Max Johnston, Richard T. Bush, and Leigh A. Sullivan

2010 217th ECS Meeting 28:6 129-140.

Papers from 2009


Student grievances and discipline matters project: final report to the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, James G. Jackson, Helen Fleming, Patty Kamvounias, and Sally Varnham



Operability analysis of MTBE reactive distillation column using a process simulator, Herry Santoso, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2009 Chemical Product and Process Modeling 4:3.


The steady-state region of attraction under linear feedback control: a numerical approach, Herry Santoso, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2009 Journal of Process Control 19:3 464-472.

Papers from 2008


Scheduling of a mixed batch/continuous sugar milling plant using petri nets, Mahsa Ghaeli, Parisa A. Bahn, and Peter L. Lee

2008 Computers & Chemical Engineering 32:3 580-589.


Low energy super-elastic scattering studies of calcium over the complete angular range using a magnetic angle changing device, Martyn Hussey, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and George C. King

2008 Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 41:055202.


Theoretical modeling of resonant laser excitation of atoms in a magnetic field, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and Martyn Hussey

2008 Physical Review A 77:013409.

Science and technology policy futures, Neal F. Ryan and Michael B. Charles

2008 Knowledge policy: challenges for the 21st century 106-119.

Papers from 2007


Superelastic electron scattering within a magnetic angle changer: determination of the angular momentum transferred during electron excitation over all scattering angles, Martyn Hussey, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and George C. King

2007 Physical Review Letters 99:13.

Papers from 2004

Black words, white page: Aboriginal literature 1929-1988, Adam Shoemaker

2004 .

From embassy to "embarrassment": debates over indigenous Australian cultural property in the public sphere, Adam Shoemaker

2004 Interconnections: Australia and India: identity, representation, belonging 21-35.