Middle years teacher education: new programs and research directions

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Pendergast, D, Whitehead, de Jong, T, Newhouse-Maiden, L & Bahr, N 2007, 'Middle years teacher education: new programs and research directions', The Australian Educational Researcher, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 73-90.

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Teacher education programs focussing on the development of specialist teachers for ‘the middle years’ have proliferated in Australian universities in recent years. This paper provides some insights into middle years’ teacher education programs at the University of Queensland, Edith Cowan and Flinders Universities with regard to their: philosophical underpinnings; specific educational context; scope and nature of the program. In addition, some of the research directions and efficacy strategies utilised in conjunction with the programs will be shared, along with some early findings from a longitudinal study in one of the programs. We propose that the pattern of programmatic growth heralds a new time for teacher education, and we speculate about the production of new kinds of teacher identities as graduates take their place in the profession.

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