Game-based IT solutions for active and healthy ageing

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Conference publication

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Drobics, M & Smith, S 2014, 'Game-based IT solutions for active and healthy ageing', in S Gobel & J Wiemeyer (eds), Games for training, education, health and sports: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Serious Games, Gamedays 2014, Darmstadt, Germany, 1-5 April, Springer, Switzerland. ISBN: 9783319059723

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Game-based approaches can be used to support traditional intervention schemes which enable older adults in staying active & healthy for a longer time. These techniques are especially useful as they improve the motivation of the users and thus help to improve the effectiveness of the intervention. TV-based games are often oriented along traditional video games. External sensors like video cameras can be incorporated to provide direct feedback on the activities of the user. This information can also be utilized to reassess the status of the user and monitor his/her training progress. Mobile devices and the large range of available body worn sensors offer the opportunity to design games around daily and outdoor activities. By adding a social level to the games, competition and group efforts can be initiated, giving further motivation to reach a certain goal. In this overview, we will present different approaches of game-based IT solutions to support active & healthy aging, including concrete examples from resent applications.