Using the concept of resilience to explain entrepreneurial success in China

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Sun, J, Buys, N, Wang, X & McAuley, A 2012, 'Using the concept of resilience to explain entrepreneurial success in China', International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development, vol. 11, no. 2/3/4, pp. 182-202.

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This paper aims (1) to explore resilience among Chinese entrepreneurs and its correlation with entrepreneurial types; (2) to examine the relationship between entrepreneurial type and other factors including locus of control, education and experience. A cross-sectional cohort study design was used. Fifty thousand entrepreneurs were randomly selected from 228 cities across 31 provinces in China, of which 38,890 agreed to participate in this study. Results indicated that entrepreneurs who founded a resource-based business had higher resilience scores than those who founded risk or knowledge-based ventures. The resource-based and skill-based entrepreneurs were similar to each other in terms of creativity and innovation, need for achievement, flexibility and knowledge seeking. The findings of this study suggest that institutions and small business support agencies need to provide training opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop resilience characteristics before they commence establishing business ventures.

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