Australian franchising research: review, synthesis and future research directions

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Wright, O & McAuley, A 2012, 'Australian franchising research: review, synthesis and future research directions', Australasian Marketing Journal,vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 158-163.

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This article represents a brief history of the development of franchising in Australia and its regulatory framework and links this to an analysis of relevant research. Findings indicate a disparate ad hoc approach to research including scoping studies at the embryonic stage of franchise development; significant evidence of census style research culminating in a trajectory of disparate studies utilising more sophisticated research methods. For franchising research to advance there appears to be a need to interface with other research domains in SME and entrepreneurship research, extend the range of issues which are the subject of franchising research: begin longitudinal studies in order to better understand change over time; promote studies which have a sectoral focus in order to improve knowledge and understanding at that level of analysis; and. increase the representation of cross-border/cultural research in the volume of work being undertaken.

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