Papers from 2010

How do you teach your stories? The politics of ‘anthologising’ indigenous writing in Australia, Adam Shoemaker

2010 Closing the gap in education?: improving outcomes in southern world societies 149-157.


Virtually real: the communication revolution and online education, Adam Shoemaker

2010 Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Division Planning Day.

Edmund Burke and Mary Wollstonecraft's Irish education, Mary Spongberg

2010 Celts in legend and reality: papers from the sixth Australian Conference of Celtic studies 143-155.


Feminist publishing in a cold climate: Australian feminist studies and the new ERA of research, Mary Spongberg

2010 Feminist Review 95 99-110.

Mary Hays and Mary Wollstonecraft and the evolution of dissenting feminism, Mary Spongberg

2010 Enlightenment and Dissent 26 230-258.

Companion to women's historical writing, Mary Spongberg, Barbara Caine, and Ann Curthoys

2010 .

Electrochemical analysis of highly reactive pyrite, Kym M. Watling, Edward D. Burton, Max Johnston, Richard T. Bush, and Leigh A. Sullivan

2010 217th ECS Meeting 28:6 129-140.

Papers from 2009

Technological barrier to learning : designing hydrid pedagogy to minimise cognitive load and maximise understanding, Mark Bahr and Nan Bahr

2009 Reforming learning : concepts, issues and practice in the Asia-Pacific region.

A toolkit approach to developing resilience of young people, Nan Bahr

2009 Brigidine College.

Leading schools, Nan Bahr

2009 State conference of the Association of Catholic Secondary Schools of Queensland deputy principals and assistant principals administration.

Curriculum renewal in higher education : ongoing professional learning through A 1+2 model of teacher development, J Duncan-Howell, D Beutel, K T. Lee, and Nan Bahr

2009 British Educational Research Association Annual Conference.

Exploring beginning teacher self-efficacy for music education : insights into the middle years of schooling within Australia, S Garvis, M Barrett, D Pendergast, and Nan Bahr

2009 7th Triennial conference of European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music.


Student grievances and discipline matters project: final report to the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, James G. Jackson, Helen Fleming, Patty Kamvounias, and Sally Varnham



Editorial: reflecting on the work of preparing teachers, Anne McMaugh, David Saltmarsh, Simone White, Jo-Anne Reid, Ninetta Santoro, and Nan Bahr

2009 Asia - Pacific Journal of Teacher Education 37:1 1-4.


Operability analysis of MTBE reactive distillation column using a process simulator, Herry Santoso, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2009 Chemical Product and Process Modeling 4:3.


The steady-state region of attraction under linear feedback control: a numerical approach, Herry Santoso, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2009 Journal of Process Control 19:3 464-472.

Ancient and modern footprints: music and the mysteries of Lake Mungo, Adam Shoemaker

2009 Sounds in translation: intersections of music, technology and society 79-90.

Jane Austen and the 1790's, Mary Spongberg

2009 A companion to Jane Austen 272-282.

Papers from 2008

Developing resilience in the middle years of schooling, Nan Bahr

2008 World Education Forum.

Podcasting in teacher education : a source of authenticity on campus, Nan Bahr

2008 Blended learning conference: Universities of Hertfordshire, Calgary and Queensland.


Smart but stuck: how resilience frees imprisoned intelligence from learning disabilities, Nan Bahr

2008 International Journal of Disability, Development and Education 55:3 277-278.

Strengthening relationships, Nan Bahr

2008 Middle Years of Schooling Association workshop.

What's new about today's kids? Challenges and opportunities for the middle years, Nan Bahr

2008 Middle Years of Schooling Association.

Researching teachers for the middle years, B Garrick, D Pendergast, Nan Bahr, S Dole, and J Keogh

2008 Australian Teacher Education Association Conference, Teacher Educators at Work : What Works and Where's the Evidence.


Scheduling of a mixed batch/continuous sugar milling plant using petri nets, Mahsa Ghaeli, Parisa A. Bahn, and Peter L. Lee

2008 Computers & Chemical Engineering 32:3 580-589.


Low energy super-elastic scattering studies of calcium over the complete angular range using a magnetic angle changing device, Martyn Hussey, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and George C. King

2008 Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 41:055202.


Theoretical modeling of resonant laser excitation of atoms in a magnetic field, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and Martyn Hussey

2008 Physical Review A 77:013409.

After uni days are over : graduate middle years teacher experiences, D Pendergast, Nan Bahr, B Garrick, D Geelan, R Gilbert, E Honan, J Keogh, K Makar, and T Wright

2008 Australian Teacher Education Association Conference, Teacher Educators at Work : What Works and Where's the Evidence.

Science and technology policy futures, Neal F. Ryan and Michael B. Charles

2008 Knowledge policy: challenges for the 21st century 106-119.

Hard dreams and indigenous worlds in Australia's north, Adam Shoemaker

2008 Hecate 34:1 55-62.


Australian feminist history in Australian feminist periodicals 1971-1988, Mary Spongberg

2008 History Australia 5:3 73.1-73.16.


William Godwin's memoirs of the author of a vindication of the rights of woman and the gender of romantic biography, Mary Spongberg

2008 Angelaki 13:2 17-31.

Papers from 2007


Editorial: living in the seventies, Michelle Arrow and Mary Spongberg

2007 Australian Feminist Studies 22:53 159-161.

How do we create and sustain life opportunities, encourage personal fulfilment and agency for both students and staff?, Nan Bahr

2007 Professional development day, Mitcham Girls High School, Urrbrae College and Unley High School.

ICT savvy MilGen kids : what are they thinking? How do we connect?, Nan Bahr

2007 Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education Conference.

Part 2 : Theories and ideas you just have to know about, Nan Bahr

2007 The millennial adolescent 71-200.

Super schools, Nan Bahr

2007 Ipswich Times.

The later years, Nan Bahr

2007 The millennial adolescent 229-243.


University of Queensland, Nan Bahr

2007 Top of the Class: Report on the inquiry into teacher education: House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Vocational Training.

Potency in professional development for teachers, Nan Bahr, G Barton, S Dole, and M Bahr

2007 Australian Association for Research in Education International Education Research Conference, Research Impacts : Proving or Improving?.

Longitudinal evaluation of the effectiveness of professional development strategies, Nan Bahr, S Dole, Mark Bahr, G Barton, and K Davies

2007 .

The millennial adolescent, Nan Bahr and Donna Pendergast

2007 .

From pioneering to quietly confident : researching teachers for the middle years, B Garrick, Nan Bahr, S Dole, J Keogh, and D Pendergast

2007 5th International Conference of The Middle Years of School Association.


Superelastic electron scattering within a magnetic angle changer: determination of the angular momentum transferred during electron excitation over all scattering angles, Martyn Hussey, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and George C. King

2007 Physical Review Letters 99:13.

ReConceptualizing the possible narratives of adolescence, Lisa Patel Stevens, Lisa Hunter, Donna Pendergast, Victoria Carrington, Nan Bahr, and Cushla Kapitzke

2007 The Australian Educational Researcher 34:2 107-129.

Middle years teacher education: new programs and research directions, Donna Pendergast, Kaye Whitehead, Terry de Jong, Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, and Nan Bahr

2007 The Australian Educational Researcher 34:2 73-90.

The ghost of Marie Antoinette: a prehistory of Victorian royal biography, Mary Spongberg

2007 Cilo's daughters: British women making history, 1790-1899 71-92.

Papers from 2006

Creating positive school cultures for the middle years of schooling, Nan Bahr

2006 3rd Stages of learning conference : middle years : engage, connect, create.

Effective middle years schooling : taking the school pulse, Nan Bahr

2006 3rd Stages of learning conference: middle years: engage, connect, create.

Mentoring, Nan Bahr

2006 Bridges to the future: joint annual conference: Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers and CONSTAQ.

Resilience through the curriculum, Nan Bahr

2006 Wellbeing conference: creating connections for staff and student wellbeing.

Resilient adolescents : building positive lives, Nan Bahr

2006 The University of Queensland, Education Alumni conference.

Supporting and inducting beginning teachers, Nan Bahr

2006 Annual Conference of the Department of Arts and Beginning and Establishing Teachers Association.

Teachers and schools : enhancing the positive for effective middle years experience, Nan Bahr

2006 3rd Stages of learning conference: middle years: engage, connect, create.

The development of resilience in middle schooling, Nan Bahr and M Bahr

2006 Australian Association for Research in Education Conference, Engaging Pedagogies.

Adolescence: a useful concept for this millenium, Nan Bahr and Donna Pendergast

2006 Curriculum Perspectives 26:1 67-73.

Friendship and social acceptance in adolescence : implications for schools, N Simmons, I Hay, and Nan Bahr

2006 Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference.

Papers from 2005

Developing resilience during adolescence : the link to a better life, Nan Bahr

2005 HEIA State Conference.

Facilitated conversations re resilience and pastoral care, Nan Bahr

2005 The fourth international conference of the Middle Years of Schooling Association.

Middle years of schooling: what, why, how?, Nan Bahr

2005 Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Associations Inc (QCPCA).

Pedagogical influences on the development of absolute pitch in musicians, Nan Bahr

2005 Australian Association for Research in Education Conference.

Responsive schooling: matching schools to student needs, Nan Bahr

2005 Queensland Consortium of Parents and Citizens Associations Conference.

The middle years learner, Nan Bahr

2005 Teaching middle years : rethinking curriculum, pedagogy and assessment 48-64.

What can we do to increase the staying power of teachers? A comment, Nan Bahr

2005 Directions in Education 13:14.

What do young people really need? Resilience, Nan Bahr

2005 The Fourth International Conference of the Middle Years of Schooling Association: Riding the Wave of Success in the Middle Years.

Y Gen, Nan Bahr

2005 Girls doing IT smart in Qld.


Interdisciplinarity vs. disciplinarity : developing knowledge for problem solving in middle years of schooling, Nan Bahr, M Bahr, and J Keogh

2005 Australian Curriculum Studies Association Conference, Blurring the Boundaries : Sharpening the Focus.

Diversity of accuracy profiles for absolute pitch recognition, Nan Bahr, Carol A. Christensen, and Mark Bahr

2005 Psychology of Music 33:1 58-93.

Teaching middle years : rethinking curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, Nan Bahr and Donna Pendergast

2005 .

Monitoring progress : students have their say, Nan Bahr and G Sippel

2005 Middle Years Efficacy : Are Our Practices Effective Conference.

Producing resilient middle school students, Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, Nan Bahr, and Donna Pendergast

2005 Teaching middle years : rethinking curriculum, pedagogy and assessment 77-87.

Constructing 'new' teachers for the middle years, D Pendergast, J Keogh, S Dole, Nan Bahr, A Wright, K Makar, L Hunter, and C Rohner

2005 Australian Teacher Education Association conference, Teacher Education : Local and Global.

Creating value: the humanities &​ their public, Elspeth Probyn, Stephen Muecke, and Adam Shoemaker

2005 .

Companion to women's historical writing, Mary Spongberg, Ann Curthoys, and Barbara Caine

2005 .

Papers from 2004


The judicious utilization of new technologies through authentic learning in higher education : a case study, Nan Bahr and Cynthia Rohner

2004 Proceedings of the 27th HERDSA Annual Conference, Transforming knowledge into wisdom : holistic approaches to teaching and learning.

Finding sustainable spaces for young people in middle schooling : an historical and theoretical enquiry into adolescence, L Hunter, L Patel Stevens, D Pendergast, J Mitchell, Nan Bahr, V Carrington, and C Kapitzke

2004 Australian Teacher education Association Conference, Regenerating the Profession.

Three years on : growing teachers for the middle years, J Keogh, Nan Bahr, L Hunter, L Stevens, T Wright, C Kapitzke, D Pendergast, and C Rohner

2004 Australian Association for Research in Education International Education Research Conference, Doing the Public Good : Positioning Education Research.

Aboriginal Australians: first nations of an ancient continent, Stephen Muecke and Adam Shoemaker

2004 .

Black words, white page: Aboriginal literature 1929-1988, Adam Shoemaker

2004 .

From embassy to "embarrassment": debates over indigenous Australian cultural property in the public sphere, Adam Shoemaker

2004 Interconnections: Australia and India: identity, representation, belonging 21-35.


The process of sulfide oxidation in some acid sulfate soil materials, Nicholas J. Ward, Leigh A. Sullivan, Diane M. Fyfe, Richard T. Bush, and Angus JP Ferguson

2004 Australian Journal of Soil Research 42:4 449-458.

Papers from 2003

Our adolescents : issues for teachers, schools and communities, Nan Bahr and Kristelle Hudry

2003 Conference proceedings, 21-22 June 2001, 17-18 June 2002, The University of Queensland, School of Education.

Reinforcing students' correlation comprehension, Li KW, M Goos, and Nan Bahr

2003 European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction 10th Biennial Conference.


Aligning school reform and teacher education reform in the middle years: an Australian case study, J Mitchell, C Kapitzke, D Mayer, V Carrington, L Stevens, N Bahr, D Pendergast, and L Hunter

2003 Teacher Education 14:1 69-82.

Mudrooroo and the curse of authenticity, Adam Shoemaker

2003 Mongrel signatures: reflections on the work of Mudrooroo.

Papers from 2002

Developing fluency with IT, Bundamba State High School, Ipswich East State School, Nan Bahr

2002 University of Queensland literacy conference.

Higher education: it doesn't have to hurt, Nan Bahr

2002 Australian Universities Teaching Committee sixth annual national teaching forum learning technology.

Schooling in new times: preparing our students for the future in uncertain times, Nan Bahr

2002 Christian Schools Australia Conference.

Teaching and technology: our technological future is already here, Nan Bahr

2002 Queensland Country Life.

Teaching for resilience, Nan Bahr

2002 St Joseph's College Stanthorpe and Moreton Bay College.

Information environments : integrating pedagogies to reduce cognitive load and enhance knowledge, Nan Bahr and M Bahr

2002 British Psychological Society, Psychology of Education Section Annual Conference.

Quality equals accreditation?, Nan Bahr and D Pendergast

2002 Directions in Education 11:15.


Improving behaviour classification consistency : a technique from biological taxonomy, Serene H. Choi, Timo Nieminen, Mark Bahr, and Nan Bahr

2002 Australian Association for Research in Education Conference.

Les aborigenes d'Australie, Stephen Muecke and Adam Shoemaker

2002 .

Writing women's history since the renaissance, Mary Spongberg

2002 .

Papers from 2001

Oh oh, I've got to develop a brand new course! Where should I start? Excellent, Nan Bahr

2001 Teachers talk about their teaching.

Student diversity: can innovative curriculum design meet the challenge?, Nan Bahr, T Andrews, and Mark Bahr

2001 Scottish Journal of Adult and Continuing Education 6:2 55-72.

Adolescents in schools and communities: inaugural conference proceedings, Nanette M. Bahr

2001 .

National benchmarking of the practicum in preservice secondary teacher education, Nan Bahr and D E. Mayer

2001 Fifth International Conference Practical Experiences in Professional Education: Issues for the 21st Century.


Education futures : transforming teacher education (Re-framing teacher education for the middle years), Victoria Carrington, Donna Pendergast, Nan Bahr, Cushla Kapitzke, Di Mayer, and Jane Mitchell

2001 Australian Curriculum Studies Association 2001 Conference, Education Futures.