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Kelly, SJ, Scott, D & Wilde, SJ 2002, ‘Electronic retail (e-tail) image components and their association with variety seeking and avid shoppers’, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


An examination of image attributes important to on-line customers of a major Australian retailer identified three e-tail store image dimensions; core demands, institutional factors and information. The three dimensions were further examined against variety seeking and avid shopper measures. Results indicated institutional factors were associated with variety seeking and avid shoppers and information with avid shoppers. From this result, it is suggested that e-tailing stores need to build their reputation and brand image via conventional media based promotional activities in order to attract variety seeking and avid shoppers and provide variety laden shopping experiences to retain variety seeking consumers. It is also suggested that in on-line environments there has been a merging of consumer perceptions regarding merchandise and service attributes, as evidenced in the dimension core demands, requiring retailers to vary product and service offerings between e-tail and retail environments.

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