Striving for sustainability: case studies in Indigenous tourism

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Buultjens, J & Fuller, D (eds), 2007, Striving for sustainability: case studies in Indigenous tourism, Southern Cross University Press, Lismore, NSW. ISBN: 9781875855667


Tourism as a potential source of economic growth and employment for Indigenous people has long been officially recognised in Australia. Participation by Aboriginal people in the tourism industry, however, remains limited. This book provides an examination of the issues surrounding Indigenous tourism, and includes case studies from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. These highlight its economic, cultural and social opportunities, but the negative impacts - to communities and the environment - of poorly managed and under-resourced tourism are also discussed. Striving for Sustainability includes relevant maps and tables, and each of its 14 chapters is enhanced by a comprehensive bibliography. This publication provides a valuable contribution to the emerging body of literature on this important tourism field.