The "global project": embedding global skill sets within management education curriculum

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Conference publication

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Cameron, R 2009, 'The "global project": embedding global skill sets within management education curriculum', Proceedings of Sustainable management and marketing: 23rd Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference, Melbourne, Vic., 1-4 December, ANZAM.


Global scale perspectives and global mobility skills are fast becoming crucial to effective business strategy and operations, decision making and an essential ingredient for professional effectiveness in contemporary business and management practice. As a result these perspectives and skills sets have become a key issue in the education and training of university graduates and professionals. This paper addresses the increasing importance of global scale perspectives and global skills sets and the role these play in professional effectiveness within the borderless global economy. The paper will explore trends in international mobility and international HRM; developments in business education; and global skill sets (global competencies, cultural literacy cultural intelligence, and global mobility skills) before introducing the concept of the “Global Project”. The “Global Project” is being presented as a pedagogic approach to embedding global skill sets within management and business curriculum.