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Post-print of: Julian, CC 2005, 'International joint venture (IJV) marketing performance: alternative approaches to performance measurement', International Journal of Business Performance Management, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 334-348.

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This paper assesses International Joint Venture (IJV) marketing performance in the Republic of Thailand, as opposed to general business performance. Furthermore, the paper develops an objective measure to assess IJV marketing performance and compares two different types of measures for measuring IJV marketing performance, a subjective measure and an objective measure, and finds both measures to be significantly correlated. The objective measure of IJV marketing performance is a composite measure that includes strategic objectives for establishing an IJV. The objective measure assesses the respondents' satisfaction with the achievement of the strategic objectives and the subjective measure is a perceptual measure. The data for this study are from a sample of 161 IJVs located in the Republic of Thailand with the sample coming from a wide cross-section of industries including agriculture, mining, light, metal-working, electronics, chemical and the service industries.