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Post-print of : Julian, CC & O'Cass, A 2002, 'Drivers and outcomes of export marketing performance in a developing country context', Journal of Asia Pacific Marketing, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 1-21.


In this study the scale developed by Cavusgil and Zou (1994) is refined and tested in Thailand. As with the Cavusgil and Zou (1994) study, the present study considers a comprehensive set of potential determinants of export marketing performance and the unit of analysis is the individual product-market export venture of firms exporting to businesses in foreign markets. Data were gathered via a mail survey and the results support the contention that the intensity of competition, management commitment, export market characteristics and product characteristics are significant determinants of export marketing performance and influence marketing strategy. However, cultural similarity and marketing strategy were only weakly related to marketing performance.

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